Leftists upset over Coronavirus joke

The tongue-in-cheek sign outside the Harvey Norman store in Albury

The tongue-in-cheek sign outside the Harvey Norman store in Albury

Someone at the Harvey Norman store in Albury has a dark sense of humour. They put a sign out the front of the shop, which said “No Coronavirus in our mattresses, as ours are Australian made!”

The Leftists, as per usual, got their knickers all in a twist, crying “Racism!” and other such nonsense. Geez, settle down, guys. It’s a joke. It wasn’t even racist.

However, the truth notwithstanding, the Lefty wowsers jumped right onto the back of the Harvey Norman administration, complaining about “racism” at their Albury store — and the Harvey Norman bosses made the shop take the sign down.

Unfortunately, Leftists lack a well-rounded sense of humour, and they like to take “offence” at anything that they think smacks of “racism”; of course, as far as Leftists are concerned, if a white person says anything, anytime, anywhere about a non-white person, group, or country, then — unless it’s fawning over non-whites, or grovelling to non-whites — it’s automatically deemed as “racist”.

By the way, ever notice how so many Leftists are “anti-capitalist” and anti “the man”, but whenever there’s a problem, they just looooooove to go running to the boss to dob somebody in for “political incorrectness”. Yep, that’s right, when it comes to their “hurt feelings” (ha, as if they have feelings, that bunch of sociopaths), they go running straight to their “enemy”, the capitalist bosses, to sort it out for them.

For the Left, things haven’t really changed all that much since the days of Joseph Stalin, the KGB, and the gulags — they’ve always loved to dob people in and use the force of authority against their ideological enemies (which clearly includes people with a sense of humour).

An anti-racist, a feminist, and a vegan walk into a bar.

They sit down, have a drink, and leave.

Nothing funny happened, because those people are so devoid of humour that they’re a comedy vacuum, sucking all the fun out of everyone around them.

What were you expecting, a joke?

No matter what the wowsers think, the Harvey Norman sign was amusing.

If anyone wants to make a joke, they’d better do it now, before the Leftists make it illegal.

By the way, if you really want to see the useless Leftists get their panties in a bunch, then show them the graphic at the end of this story, which has appeared on the Gab social media site — unlike Facebook and Twitter, Gab isn’t run by a pack of whining Leftists, so people are free to speak their minds without being censored or expelled for being politically incorrect — and they can have a joke without being banned.

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