Islamic Awareness Week: Our contribution, by Nick Griffin

[Nick Griffin reports on the creeping Islamification of Britain. Includes links to some audio files made by the BNP in conjunction with several Sikhs and Hindus.]

By Nick Griffin, 24th November 2004

Monday 22nd November marked the beginning in Britain of an officially sponsored “Islamic Awareness Week.” In schools, colleges and local newspapers up and down the country, this is being used as the opportunity for a fresh wave of pro-Islamic propaganda. Much of this takes its cue from Tony Blair’s well-known lie that “Islam is a religion of peace”.

The truth is much more complicated. Certain strands of Islam have in the past indeed been more ‘peaceful’ than have some other major religions or ideologies. Others, however — and particularly the radical, fundamentalist strands that gained strength and influence throughout the last century, and which dominate the British-based mosques founded with the help of Saudi Arabian, Wahhabi sect money — have no time for peace at all. They don’t even want a piece of the world; they want the whole lot — including our Britain.

Joint effort by BNP, Sikhs and Hindus

In order to provide a counter-balance to this week’s pro-Islamic propaganda drive, we are pleased to put online sound files from a tape first produced several years ago by the British National Party, in conjunction with several Sikhs and Hindus. Distributed under the title “Islam — a threat to us all”, this was withdrawn in the confusion that followed the apparent passing of a law turning legitimate and rational criticism of aspects of Islam into a serious criminal offence.

It has since emerged that this law is in fact still not on the statute books, which is why — although Blair, Blunkett, Howard and all the other Establishment dhimmis may not like it — we are able for at least a few more months to distribute this powerful expose of “the fastest growing religion in Britain today.”

Not Islamophobes

We have nothing against Islam — in Islamic countries. We are not ‘Islamophobes’ — that is surely a title that must be reserved for the likes of Bush and Blair and their Zionist paymasters, who are so opposed to Islamic values that they have gladly killed hundreds of thousands of Iraqi women and children in their bid to ‘democratise’, or in other words, de-Islamify, first Iraq and in due course Iran and Syria and then the whole of the Middle East.

No, we are not against Islam, we are simply against the creeping Islamification of Britain. Listening to these files will help you to appreciate why.

The 75 min. audio track has had to be broken into small chunks for ease of downloading. They are all in MP3 format which you can play back using Windows Media Player or Real Player.

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Originally published on the website of the British National Party.

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