Time is running out for Western Civilisation, by Nick Griffin

[Nick Griffin on the Human Genome Project and the denizens of Political Correctness who deny that race exits.]

By Nick Griffin, June 2002

Race issue watchers have had an interesting month. First we had the unveiling of the results of the Human Genome Project. This truly great work of scientific discovery holds the key not just to conquering all kinds of inherited diseases and human weaknesses, but also to a huge advance in our understanding of, and respect for, human diversity. And that will surely be its long-term significance, despite the best efforts of a group of nervous “where’s my next research grant coming from?” scientists and the liberal media to present the study as a triumph for egalitarianism.

At the same time, on a beautiful Mediterranean beach, the nightmare vision of Jean Raspail’s novel “The Camp of the Saints” turned into reality. A rusting freighter, carrying more than 1,000 Kurds, ran aground and discharged its Third World cargo onto the shores of France — a country that is not just in many ways the cultural heart of Europe, but also the channel whereby a fresh tide of immigration is reaching the shores of our own, overcrowded island.

Major medical breakthrough

A stunning example of the sheer chutzpah of the partisans of Political Correctness, thus combined with the most powerful possible symbol of the way in which immigration is reaching levels that go beyond changing our society and threaten to overwhelm it altogether. The two events are too important to pass without analysis. The Human Genome Project, which involved scientists all over the world to create a global map of human DNA, has been heralded as a huge scientific and potentially a medical breakthrough. Now it’s finished, liberal-Marxist pseudo-scientists and journalists are doing all they can to twist its findings to fit their egalitarian fantasy world. “The human genome project shows there is no genetic way to tell races apart. For scientific purposes, race simply doesn’t exist.” But genuine scientists are already hitting back with the truth. Evolutionary biologist Gregory M. Cochran has this to say about the Race-Is-Not-A-Scientific-Concept party line emanating from the Human Genome Project: “I don’t know what they are talking about. I suspect it’s all political. These days, you could certainly screw up your academic career with a single truthful comment.”

“No such thing as race? Then how can population geneticists like L.L. Cavalli-Sforza calculate your ancestry from different parts of the world to the percentage point? How come forensic anthropologists can determine a suspect’s racial make up from hair or semen left at the scene of a crime? Indeed, the Canadian Society of Forensic Sciences even provides a handy web page where crime fighters can enter the data from DNA extracted from crime scene evidence. Then, by comparing this individual’s DNA to racial databases provided by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the FBI, the website calculates for them the odds that the perpetrator belonged to such racial groups as Caucasians, African-Americans, East Asians, East Indians, and ‘Saskatchewan Aboriginals.’”

The natural world

The Human Genome Project spin also claimed “there is no genetic basis for what people describe as race, and found only a few small differences set one person apart from another.” Dr. Cochran, however, points out that differences in only a small number of genes can account for racial differences in looks, physical abilities, personality, and other capabilities.” “Go ask the guys working on the Dog Genome project about how few genes separate Dachshunds from Weimaran-ers.” Cochran suggests: “Go ask the cattle breeders. There are only a few genetic differences between Guernseys and Longhorns. Yet they sure act different. It’s not cultural. Longhorns don’t learn how to act like Longhorns by watching Western movies!” The plain fact is that genetic differences are all relative. There are only a few hundred genes that we have in the human genome that are not in the mouse genome. The announcement that the number of human genes is probably in the range of 30,000 rather than 100,000 — as was widely guesstimated until recently — has inspired all sorts of propaganda about how this shows that nurture is more powerful than nature. Robin McKie of The Guardian made the point fairly blatantly: “This is a far lower total than expected, and dramatically undermines claims that human beings are prisoners of their genes. ‘We simply do not have enough genes for this idea of biological determinism to be right,’ said Dr Craig Venter, the U.S. scientist whose company Celera was a major player in the sequencing project. ‘The wonderful diversity of the human species is not hard-wired in our genetic code. Our environments are critical.’”

MC Spin

Once again, Dr. Cochran speaks for the real scientists who know otherwise, but are often too scared of being accused of ‘racism’ to argue back: “We already have a very good idea of how important genes are from twin and adoption studies. Identical twins are genetically identical. For a surprising number of traits, identical twins raised apart are more similar than fraternal twins raised together. And the correlations between adopted siblings tend to be very low. Whatever the final number of genes turns out to be can’t make those facts disappear.” The multiracialist spin is the logical equivalent of announcing the discovery that cars have 30,000 parts in them instead of 100,000, and therefore you should buy expensive premium petrol. “Hey,” Esso would say, “The Car Genome Project has demonstrated scientifically that your car has fewer parts than you thought it did, so the difference in performance between Jaguars and Austin Metros must be environmental. So buy our petrol and your Metro will be as good as a Jag!”

Of course, the reason the liberals are so keen to distort scientific reality to conform with their “we’re all the same under the skin” fantasy is that they are desperate to persuade the peoples of the West that it doesn’t matter that our ancient cultural and ethnic identities are being submerged in a sea of colour. Unfortunately for the liberal fantasists, the more the British, French, Danes, Italians, Austrians and others see of ‘them’, the more they realise that they are most definitely not the same as ‘us’.

Strong deterrent needed

So the more immigration they seek to shove down our throats, the more and more hysterical and mendacious their propaganda becomes. That being the case, stand by for even more absurd and over-the-top multiracialist hogwash in the months ahead, because that boatload of Kurds is sure to be followed by many, many more. Within a couple of days of the landing in France, there was a report of a similar hulk limping along the coast of Belgium, although nothing more has since been heard of where it ended up. It won’t end there. Sooner or later, we’ll be faced not with one boatload of 1,000, but with ten boatloads, or twenty, or thirty. Given the amount of money these people are prepared to pay for their tickets to our welfare state paradise, organised criminal gangs will find it well worthwhile hijacking or buying every flag of convenience wreck in the world to pack with a tiny but profitable fraction of the Third World’s surplus population.

The only thing that would stop them would be if one, just one, Western government declares that such an unarmed Armada is nevertheless an invasion force, and has its navy or airforce sink the first ship to cross a given line. Unfortunately, although Blair and Bush will happily murder Iraqis for the ‘crime’ of seeking to move about on the roads or in the airspace of their own country, the chances of any politician risking international opprobrium by ordering such an action are nil!

That being the case, even if a few of the latest arrivals do get turned back at Dover (after all, there is an election coming up), it won’t stop the endless tide behind them from trying the same thing. So now for the strange thing — nothing could suit us better! Let’s face it; there are already so many non-whites in Britain, and their birth rate is so high, and our own ruling elites are so anti-white, that even if all fresh immigration stopped tomorrow, we would still be on course for our own dispossession and eventual slow genocide. And the same is true of virtually every white tribe on earth.

Popular backlash

The only thing that can save us is that the liberals — in their arrogance, their crackpot millennialism, and their fear that an unravelling world economy could lead to a popular backlash against the various aspects of their globalisation project — are rushing to ‘finish the job’ by swamping us in our own homelands. Hence the talk of ‘needing’ an extra 75 million immigrants in the EU within twenty years. Hence the Labour government’s plans for hundreds of thousands of extra work permits, and the opening of more visa issuing offices all over the Indian sub-continent. Hence the rapid change in the ethnic makeup of your neighbouring town that you, good reader, will undoubtedly have noticed over the last few years.

Make no mistake, this is the start of the Endgame, and the aim of the game is the extinction of the White Man. But players who have become arrogant, players who are in a terrible hurry, frequently make mistakes. And those mistakes are creating the conditions for the Mother of All Backlashes. The only question is whether we’ll be organised enough to take full political advantage of it. And that, in no small measure, is up to you.

Originally published on the website of the British National Party.

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