The State vs. gun rights

A recent incident recounted by an Australian firearms owner shows, yet again, the anti-democratic and anti-freedom nature of the Nanny State when it comes to gun rights.

Sorry for the long post but my recent experience might help someone if they find themselves in the same situation.

Yesterday my 19yo daughter, who was home alone, answered the front door to have her ex-boyfriend push his way into our home and grab her by the throat and put a black handgun to her head. He is unlicensed and we have no idea where he got a pistol from. He was telling my daughter he was going to kill her and then himself.

I coincidentally arrived home about 1 minute after he arrived and as I walked through the open front door to my house the ex-boyfriend ran out of lounge room and upstairs. Seeing my distraught daughter on the lounge room floor, I chased him up the stairs and demanded he get out of my house. At this point I had no idea he had a firearm and I was very clear-headed and did the right thing and didn’t touch or threaten him, just verbally told him to get out.

As I got him out of the house he jumped in his car and left and that’s when my daughter told me about him having a gun to her head. I phoned the police and they were on our doorstep within minutes. 90 mins later they found him and arrested him. The handgun was not recovered.

After they arrested him the 6 police officers at my house started asking questions about my firearms. They explained that ALL domestic violence cases that occur in a firearms owners house automatically incur a 28 days “cooling off” period and license suspension.

They confiscated all my firearms, ammo, gun powder, primers, license card, everything, for 28 days, even though my guns were not used or threatened to be used. All I did was usher an unlicensed criminal out of my house who had just threatened my daughter.

Typical Australian gun laws, “Hey, a criminal just threatened your daughter’s life in her own home, so we are taking the LAFO guns away in the interest of safety”.

The right to bear arms is an important part of living in a democracy. When the State chips always at your gun rights, bit by bit, all the time, then you should be aware that they are chipping away at the foundations of democracy.

Political Correctness and its expression in government, the Nanny State, are threats to Western democracy.

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