The end of beauty

Carol Davis (Miss South Africa) and Lesley Bunting (Miss Rhodesia), 1965

Carol Davis (Miss South Africa) and Lesley Bunting (Miss Rhodesia), 1965

On occasion, you come across something which reminds you of how things used to be, and how they should still be today — if not for some unfortunate circumstances.

The appearance of a photo of Miss Rhodesia 1965 and Miss South Africa 1965 was a reminder of what we have lost. The great beauty of these two women is emblematic of the beauty of those two great countries. The beauty of those two nations should still exist today; but, sadly, it does not.

Rest in peace, Rhodesia and South Africa. They were two great countries killed off by the neo-Communists and Cosmopolitans in the media and political Establishments of the UK and the USA, as an act of treachery against Western Civilisation. Of course, traitors inside other Western countries, as well as traitors within the two aforementioned victim nations, participated in their demise as well — but it was the traitors of the UK and the USA who were the main perpetrators of those crimes against humanity.

Under white rule, Rhodesia and South Africa were the bread-baskets of Africa; then came black rule, and they quickly slipped into becoming the basket-cases of Africa. Racial patriots warned that this would be the result, but telling the truth about the nature of black societies is “racist”, so the brainwashed elements within the Establishments of various Western countries closed their ears to the uncomfortable truth — and violence, robberies, rapes, murders, and carnage were the result.

There were various white liberal Rhodesians who supported handing power over to the blacks — but, after the blacks took over, and the subsequent crime rate got too much for them, they then fled to South Africa. In South Africa, they then campaigned for the blacks once again — but, like before, after the blacks took over, and the crime rate got too much for them, many liberals then fled overseas to places like Australia, Canada, the UK, and the USA. Then, when they had comfortably settled into their new homes, they once again started campaigning for blacks, demanding an influx of Third World refugees, and promoting multiracialism — and their new campaigns resulted in yet more carnage.

However, the resulting violence of their actions doesn’t matter to the neo-Communists and Cosmopolitans — they will continue on with their ideology, undermining and destroying as many white Western countries as they can. Their main mission in life is to destroy all white homogeneous societies. You can tell them that doing so will result in carnage, but they will just deny the obvious truth. Even if you could somehow prove to their satisfaction the ongoing pattern of destruction that multiracialism brings, they won’t care — because if the whole world is dragged down to the level of Mexico or South Africa, as a logical consequence of multiracialism, they’ll just say “Well, at least we got rid of racism”, and they’ll stand proud.

Not only do they not learn, they don’t want to learn — because admitting the realities of race would undermine everything that they stand for. Even when they know it will all end in disaster, they will keep on pushing for multiracialism, because the anti-white brainwashing and the white guilt complex has been embedded far too deep inside them. It’s a rare liberal who can break free of their psychological chains, admit that they were wrong, and then start to work for the survival of their own people.

Neo-Communists and Cosmopolitans are the destroyers of civilisations. They are like a child who rejoices in smashing an artistic sandcastle — “Hurray, now all the sand is equal!” They’re like an adult who would bleach a Van Gogh painting, and then proudly proclaim, “Look, I’ve created a blank canvas!” They think that they are creating a brave new world, but they are merely creating a hell on earth; to build their new multiracialist “non-racist” society, they must destroy our society — their penchant for destruction is immense and never-ending.

No matter whether it is a left-wing radical, with a pierced nose and blue hair, who supports homosexuals and transsexuals, or a right-wing Cuckservative, with a suit and tie, who supports Third World immigration and refugees, they are both in favour of multiracialism, and are therefore working towards the destruction of Western Civilisation. Traitors of both the Left and Right want to destroy the beauty of white people, physically, intellectually, and culturally.

Both neo-Communists and Cosmopolitans are the enemies of our people; they are dangerous and evil, and they must be stopped.

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