Scandinavian experience warning for Australia [by Andrew Phillips]

By Andrew Phillips, 3rd July 2007

Following is an interesting article sent to us by a sympathiser. While it relates the trials experienced by our European friends in the face of increasing Moslem and Third World immigration, given the recent reports of increased crime (particularly sex related crimes against Australian women) by Middle Eastern and African “men”, it serves as a timely warning to us all.

“Does Global Warming Cause Rape Waves?” by Fjordman.
Courtesy, “The Gates of Vienna”.

Helle Klein, a former member of the board of the Swedish Social Democratic Youth League (SSU) and until recently the political editor in chief of Aftonbladet, Sweden’s largest newspaper, has stated that “If the debate is that there are problems caused by refugees and immigrants, we don’t want it”.

Sweden is in the midst of the worst rape wave in Scandinavian history. Judging from numbers from neighbouring countries Norway and Denmark, this is probably intimately related to recent mass immigration, especially from Moslem countries. Now, if you have a problem that you suspect may be largely caused by immigration, but you have decided that these policies shouldn’t be questioned, what do you do?

Well, you can blame it on…. the weather! According to this article from Aftonbladet, “Summertime — Rape time”, the huge spike in rapes during the summer is caused by the nice, warm weather, which brings out all those hormones. The official number of rape charges has more than quadrupled in the space of just one generation and Swedish women in some areas of the country are increasingly afraid to move around outdoors. If this is because of the warm weather, I suppose the Scandinavian Rape Wave is caused by Global Warming?

The ethnologist Maria Backman, in “Whiteness and Gender”, has followed a group of Swedish girls in the suburb of Rinkeby. Several of them had dyed their hair to avoid sexual harassment. Being blond involves old men staring at you and boys calling you “whore”. According to author Bruce Bawer, the city of Stockholm conducted a survey of ninth-grade boys in the predominantly Moslem suburb of Rinkeby. In the last year, 17% of the boys had forced someone to have sex and 31% had hurt someone so badly the victim required medical care. Sensational statistics — they appear to have been published only in a daily news sheet that is distributed free in the subways. The mainstream media ignored it.

Immigrant Rape Wave in Sweden

“It is not as wrong raping a Swedish girl as raping an Arab girl”, says Hamid. “A Swedish girl gets a lot of help afterwards, and she probably ****** before anyway. But the Arab girl will have problems with her family. For her, being raped is a source of shame. It is important that she retains her virginity until she marries”. It was no coincidence that a Swedish girl was gang raped in Rissne. “It is easy to get a Swedish whore…. girl, I mean”, says Hamid, and laughs over his choice of words. “Many immigrant boys have Swedish girlfriends when they are teenagers. But when they get married, they get a proper woman from their own culture who has never been with a boy. That’s what I am going to do. I don’t have too much respect for Swedish girls. I guess you can say they get ****** to pieces”.

End of Article

The sentiments expressed above by “Hamid” are as outrageous as they are disgusting, but they give great insight into the true regard our new arrivals have for their host culture.

The sexual attacks upon Australian women continue unabated. A little over a month ago, Africans attempted to abduct a woman from a phone box on Kintore Street in Kilburn in Adelaide’s inner northern suburbs — but this was merely yet another attack in a long and disgraceful line…….

Few could have missed the reports from Victoria, which mention a Sudanese immigrant riddled with AIDS who set out to infect as many Australian women as he could, before being caught. He knew he had AIDS, yet thought nothing about standing on the street and asking women to have unprotected sex with him.

What mindset gives someone such a compulsion to do such a thing? Having been given sanctuary in one of the most pleasant nations on earth, financial and emotional support, this “man” decides to repay his benefactors by knowingly seeking out the women of his host nation and infecting them with a disease both contagious and incurable.

Australians are renowned for their generosity and kindness — it’s a hallmark of our national identity. However, it’s a trait that is allowing us to be taken for granted, taken for a ride by those who despise all we stand for and all we value.

The time has come to close the gates. Begin voluntary assisted repatriation before the troubles we witness in Europe and the US become the norm for our own nation.

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