Politicians silent as racist perverts continue attacks! [by Andrew Phillips]

By Andrew Phillips, 6th January 2007

We continue to live in hope, but in all honesty are not surprised by the gutless silence coming from the spineless twits resting their overpaid backsides on our parliamentary benches regarding the issue of continued racist attacks upon our people.

Not one of our so called “representatives” has had the intestinal fortitude to come out and say there is something seriously wrong with the immigration process in our country. It would appear gone are the days when the Christian West could produce politicians willing to break ranks with the “self-declared elite” in defence of their own constituents’ welfare — statesmen of the calibre of Graeme Campbell, Caldwell, Lang, Curtin and Britain’s Enoch Powell are hard to find amongst today’s crop of insipid, hand wringing, mindless sychophants.

Nothing has changed regarding the future vision for our nation held by our parliamentary parasites. Rann still harbours his dream of boosting our population to well over 2 million (never mind minor issues of infrastructure and our water shortages Mikey), and our so-called “conservative government” pretends to take the hard line on immigration while allowing in unacceptable numbers of economic refugees from alien cultures to compete with local workers and prey upon defenceless Australian women.

The current policy of attempting to “spread the load” and push these people onto regional towns is a ridiculous as it is blatant. Clearly, regional centres (continually ignored by governments of both hues until there is an election in the wind) do not have the infrastructure or support services required to deal with these people. There are not enough support services in regional Australia to support farmers dealing with stress and depression stemming from natural causes and government indifference, let alone enough to pander to the needs of those who will never assimilate.

Racial attacks upon members of our society least able to defend themselves continue unabated. They have continued here in SA (see Editorial — “Australia Offers Safety to Sexual Predators — Why?”) and the deviates appear to have something in common, the misfortune of being described by their victims as being “African”.

January 5th, 2007. The attacks continued. Two thugs from Africa launched an attack upon an innocent woman in the southern inner city suburb of St Marys (Adelaide). While the young woman was attempting to make a phone call in a public phone box, these perverts took advantage of the early morning quiet and physically attacked her, injuring her as they attempted to drag her from the booth.

There is clearly a trend here. These “people” are from a culture totally alien to ours. They have a different system of “values”, a system which clearly teaches one has no responsibility to show gratitude to one’s hosts, a system that teaches women are of no value — objects to be used, beaten, threatened and preyed upon. Even girls as young as 12-15 are fair game to these predatory animals.

Still, the silence from our politicians continues. Worse, excuses are made by the bleeding hearts who would inundate the nation with rapists, drug traffickers and street gangs. In the face of the growing prevalence of African gangs (whose members for some bizarre reason feel the need to dress like “Afro- American” hoods despite having no cultural connection with such refuse, or the other trend seems to be to dress in paramilitary garb resembling a group of Robert Mugabe’s bloodthirsty morons), these New Class elites trot out the tired old excuses for rape and violence.

Australians are growing to question the perceived wisdom of our elected parasites. They are standing up to the emotional blackmail used by twisted left wing deviates and whining “refugee advocates”. The excuses used to silence the questions by concerned Aussies such as “They’ve had an awful time back in their own lands”, “They were persecuted”, “It’s just taking them time to adjust — they’ve been traumatised” are as hollow as they sound and will NOT wash any more.

We have not forgotten Bob Hawke’s gloating over how the immigration issue was kept off the political agenda by the two major parties so the Australian people would have no choice regarding their future. Tactics resembling a One Party State have been used to railroad the future of our nation’s people, it is now we are reaping the rewards for not standing up.

The borderless world so desired by Internationalists of both political hues offers nothing but job losses, lowered working conditions, social upheaval in the form of criminal activity, drugs, rape and the despair that follows from successive generations being taught cultural self loathing and a disregard for national identity.

There is, however, an alternative. Make a stand against the rot. Support candidates who are not willing to compromise on the future of our nation. Support a party that is unashamedly proud to be Australian. Support the one party that is willing to defend our institutions, fight for our nation’s future, defend the memory of our nation’s past and protect our most vulnerable citizens.

Make a difference — become an Australian Protectionist!

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