Kate Ellis’ blinkers muffle cries of rape victims [by Andrew Phillips]

By Andrew Phillips, 19th November 2006

Few can deny knowledge of Labor’s new “golden girl”, South Australia’s very own Kate Ellis, M.P. for the federal seat of Adelaide.

Articulate, fairly intelligent, certainly not unattractive with the unnerving ability to be positioned directly behind any ALP frontbencher who happens to be addressing the House of Representatives at any given time (just for that valuable camera exposure).

Sadly for her constituents, Kate has stepped up her campaign for acceptance into the circle of the elites with a disappointing article in the Sunday Mail lamenting the supposed fact that “Our multicultural mix is not getting the support it needs” (accompanied by an inconsequential article by some private school girl regurgitating the same old claptrap offered by the education department. However, given her age and lack of life experiences she can be forgiven the mistakes based on ignorance. Kate has no excuse).

Like all Labor frontbench “wannabes”, Kate launched a tired attack upon our pseudo-Conservative government and their apparent penchant for so-called wedge politics, seeking political gain by dividing our glorious multicultural society which is a success and the envy of the world etc., etc., etc. …..

Government “pandering” to the concerns held by the general population regarding immigration and the multi cult is often downplayed by the global village loving elites as “populism”, something to be loathed, but on any other issue they would be hailing it as an expression of democracy and parliament being responsive to the will of the people.

Kate’s article, which only made a passing reference to the contributions made by two European immigrant groups — Greeks and Italians (clearly the heavy groundwork done by Anglo Celt and Northern European Australians doesn’t rate a mention), began with descriptions of her own personal “shock” and “further concern” which apparently has now developed into “anger” (for examples of a globalist overcome by anger, witness the scenes at the G20 meetings interstate as they vent their outrage on female police officers trying to maintain public safety and order…).

These torrid emotions which threaten to overwhelm our Kate stem from reports of attacks on Indian students in Adelaide and the apparent increase of racial awareness in South Australia (oh come on Kate, multiculturalism is all about us continuing our own cultural identities, our own communities and traditions, showing pride etc. Or is that only for those from the Third World?).

Like any sensible people concerned for the continuation of a civilised, peaceful society, we deplore violence and unrest. It renders the very fabric of our community, causes untold misery and economic hardship. However, who is to blame for the incidents of such unrest, disharmony and violence? Those who force the integration of completely alien cultures through the implementation of unnatural policies such as Official Multiculturalism reap what they sow in this regard.

Kate is quite right to express concern at the incidents which are reported to an increasing degree across our nation. However, brainwashing our youth into accepting the loss of their birthright is not the answer.

Kate’s blinkered view of race hate and the joy of multiculturalism became glaringly obvious with her condemnation of a growing awareness among “Old Australians” as to their identity and rights (and the actions of an excitable minority). While continuing her diatribe, her silence regarding the despicable race attacks upon young school girls and innocent women in her very own city was as obvious as it was outrageous.

These attacks are the true face of multiculturalism. Alien cultures thrown together with little in common, each assured that their own culture is completely valid (with the exception of European and traditional Christian ethics — then you have nothing of value to offer in the global village). Clearly, as the process continues the end result is akin to a Vietnamese “cock fight”.

As I have written previously, the despicable sexual attacks on our nation’s innocent women occur nation wide. Rape is to be deplored regardless of the cultural or racial origins of the perpetrator. However, what is of greater concern is the penchant these animals have for under-aged girls and that someone in Kate’s prominent position has chosen to remain wilfully silent is a deplorable neglect of duty.

In the same edition of the Sunday Mail, a report was made regarding the gang sexual assault of innocent 14 year old girls by a gang of Middle Eastern deviates.

These animals stole from the young girls after having handled them in an inappropriate manner on public transport in Melbourne. A mobile phone was stolen and used to lure the girls back to an industrial site at which the gang made sexual demands upon the young girls. One of the offenders had already been charged with another rape attack two months previously.

The gang members laughed as they forced themselves upon their young victims, each taking turns for the amusement of onlookers one presumes.

Open your eyes Kate. This is the true price of the policy you continue to push upon your hapless constituents. Is it any wonder there are incidents such as the Cronulla Uprising and the counter attacks in our own city? How much longer do you think your fellow Australians will sit in silence and allow this to continue?

For how long will your multicultural blinkers hide the plight of the innocent victims?

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