Jewish patriots in Israel against African immigration — are they Israeli nationalists or neo-Nazis?

There’s an interesting video on YouTube about Jewish “racists” vs. black immigrants. It was produced in 2013 by The Nation, a Leftist mainstream media publication (based in New York, founded in 1865).

Extracts from the video
At the beginning of the video [0.18 min.], the narrator explains:

“Since 2006 about 60,000 Africans have arrived in Israel … instead of providing them with safe haven, Israel is both refusing to grant them any benefits and denying them the ability to work legally to support themselves”.

Patriotic Jewish woman: “We’re racist because we want to preserve our lives and our sanity.”

Patriotic Jewish woman: “We’re racist because we want to preserve our lives and our sanity.”

The video shows footage of a patriotic Jewish woman speaking to a cheering Israeli rally [1.23]:

“We’re racist because we want to preserve our lives and our sanity. So I’m proud to be a racist! And it’s our right to be racist! If I’m racist in order to preserve my life, then I’m proud!”

The African immigrants are often referred to as “infiltrators” by Jewish patriots.

Eli Yishai, Israel’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Internal Affairs, said [1.56]:

“If they grant me all the tools, without exception, in less than a year, not a single infiltrator will remain in the State of Israel.”

Michael Ben-Ari, a Member of the Knesset (Israel’s parliament) gave his opinion [3.03]:

“They have a home there. How can you call this expulsion? They’re going home. Every civilised country in the world would do the same. We’ll turn into a country of immigrants. There are those who are hostile to the state, and therefore they want to turn it into a state of people from all over the world. We’ll bring in a million Africans, half a million Filipinos, two or three million Chinese, and that’s the end of it for Israel. … We are waging a war against the phenomenon of assimilation. … That means Israel will soon be no more.”

At a rally against African immigration, held on 10 December 2012 in Tel Aviv, Michael Ben-Ari told the crowd [4.32]:

“We will tell all the hypocrites here: You want to help Africans? Go to Africa. You want to give them food? Give them food in Africa.”

At another anti-African rally, held in Tel Aviv on 23 May 2012, Yariv Levin (Chairman of the Land of Israel Lobby in the Knesset, later Minister of Tourism), told thousands of cheering people [5.02]:

“This is not Eritrea or Sudan! This is our home, this is our country!”

At the same rally, Danny Danon (Israel’s Deputy Defence Minister) said [5.13]:

“The most important thing is to expel the infiltrators from the country and to protect Israel as a Jewish State!”

Miri Regev (Interior Committee Chairperson, later Minister of Culture and Sport) told the crowd [5.27]:

“The Sudanese are a cancer in our body!”

Regarding the Africans, Benjamin Babayof (a Tel Aviv City Councillor) was quoted as saying [6.10]:

“They emit a bad stench and are likely to cause all kinds of diseases.”

The video also reported [6.26] that hundreds of Israeli rabbis had signed an edict (dated 1 December 2010), forbidding their followers to rent out apartments and houses to African immigrants.

Later on, Ben Netanyahu, Israel’s Prime Minister, gave a press conference, at which he stated [7.52]:

“We’ve succeeded in halting the entry of the infiltrators from Africa to Israel when we were under threat from the entry of hundreds of thousands. … This month we will complete construction of the fence along the Sinai border. And now we are moving to the second phase; that’s the phase of returning the infiltrators that are already here.”

The video also showed footage [9.23] of a group of Jewish “ultra-nationalists”, marching through Tel Aviv, on 31 December 2012, shouting at Africans “Get the hell out of my country!” and chanting “Sudanese to Sudan!”

Nationalists or neo-Nazis?
If whites in Europe or America used the exact same words as the earlier-mentioned Jewish woman, they would be vilified by the mainstream media as “neo-Nazis”.

Patriotic Jewish woman: “So I’m proud to be a racist! And it’s our right to be racist!”

Patriotic Jewish woman: “So I’m proud to be a racist! And it’s our right to be racist!”

So, here’s an important question — is this Jewish woman a “neo-Nazi”? Or is she just a Jewish patriot who doesn’t want to see her community and country overrun by Third World immigrants?

If she’s not a “neo-Nazi”, but just an Israeli nationalist, then that means that the same principle applies to all European nationalists. This means that standing up to defend the continuing existence of your people does not make you a “neo-Nazi”.

Many of the statements made by the afore-mentioned Israeli politicians, if repeated by nationalists in America or Europe, would be described by the mainstream media as “neo-Nazi” or “fascist”. If making anti-immigration statements doesn’t make Jewish politicians “neo-Nazis” or “fascists”, then neither do they make white activists “neo-Nazis” or “fascists”.

Whilst there are some nationalists who are National Socialists, they are a minority. Most nationalists just want to defend their people and their homeland. Some nationalists are economically Left, some Right, but all want to protect their nation.

Standing up to defend the continuing existence of your people is a social-cultural position, which can be adhered to by anyone anywhere on the political spectrum, be they Left, Right, or otherwise. The logic of this is quite simple and straight-forward — so why does the mainstream media so often label nationalists as “neo-Nazi”?

Massive media bias against white nationalists
The answer is simple: The Leftist-dominated mainstream media has, for decades, been pushing an anti-white political agenda, because they are multiracialists, they are globalists. The mainstream media are a pack of political propagandists who abuse their position of trust to smear their political opponents.

Far too often, many of the public assume that the media are there to provide us with unbiased news. That may be true in part — but, sadly, it is far from the whole truth.

The media is dominated by Leftists and therefore naturally has a Left-wing bias, which is an inescapable truth. In an ideal world, journalists would be aware of the own political biases, and try to overcome them in order to report on events in a politically-unbiased fashion. Instead, journalists pander to their own political biases, they deliberately and wantonly infect their news reports with their overwhelmingly Leftist viewpoints.

We should not be doing the mainstream media the favour of referring to their reporters “journalists”; instead, we should be calling them what they are — politician-journalists.

Whilst journalists are not members of a political party (at least, not usually), they do act as politicians, pushing their own political agendas, just as any politician would do. But they don’t do it in a honest and straight-forward manner, like those politicians who openly push their own political wheelbarrow, they do it in a sly and furtive fashion, they dress in the disguise of “even-handed journalists” or “unbiased reporters”.

It’s high time that we start to refer to them by their true nature, politician-journalists.

The twist in the tale
Now, whilst this article has taken quite a turn from its initial reporting on a YouTube video about Jewish patriots, it is an important twist to the tale.

Patriotic Jewish woman: “If I’m racist in order to preserve my life, then I’m proud!”

Patriotic Jewish woman: “If I’m racist in order to preserve my life, then I’m proud!”

Whether the mainstream media are reporting on Israeli nationalists or white nationalists, it is crucial to remember that the people doing the reporting are, overwhelmingly, politician-journalists. Even more importantly, we need to start referring to them as such.

Terminology is incredibly influential, and the phrase “politician-journalists” immediately conveys to any listening member of the public the idea that journalists are not necessarily unbiased or truthful, but that they are pushing a political agenda.

Much of the Culture War is about terminology and impressions. Choose the right words and phrases, make them widespread, and the war is half-won. Use well-crafted terminology, articles, videos, and memes to show the public the truth about what is going on, give them a nationalist opinions, and leave a lasting impression as to the righteousness of our cause.

The mainstream media, due to their size, market reach, and propaganda power, control most of the political narrative in any given country. However, with the rise of the internet, nationalists have a valuable tool to combat the influence of the politician-journalists.

We have more power than we realise.

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