Fraser Anning is good, but not the solution to our problems

A list of policies, posted on social media by Fraser Anning

A list of policies, posted on social media by Fraser Anning

Fine-sounding words
When Fraser Anning gave his maiden speech in the Australian senate, it was very heartening to hear — apparently here was a politician who was willing to stand up for the Australian people and advocate for a white Australia.

Anning discussed the problems of immigration, and his words sounded very promising:

“In the 1960s, both Liberal and Labor parties … recognised the importance of our predominantly European identity. A key part of this great pre-Whitlam consensus was bipartisan support from both Liberal and Labor for a European-based immigration program. Great Labor statesmen — Ben Chifley, John Curtin, Arthur Calwell — all strongly supported an immigration program that actively discriminated in favour of Europeans.

… Ethnocultural diversity, which is known to undermine social cohesion, has been allowed to rise to dangerous levels in many suburbs. In direct response, self-segregation, including white flight from poorer inner-urban areas, has become the norm. I believe that immigration to our country should be a privilege, not an obligation-free right provided to anyone from the Third World who demands it.

… we need a plebiscite to allow the Australian people to decide whether they want wholesale non-English speaking immigrants from the Third World and, in particular, whether they want any Muslims or whether they want to return to the predominantly European immigration policy of the pre-Whitlam consensus. I for one will be very happy to abide by their decision.”

In his posts on social media Fraser Anning stated that he wanted to “End all third world immigration”, as one of his main aims.

However, subsequent events cast a pall over the blue sky that Anning had created.

Fraser Anning the “moderate nationalist”
Fraser Anning, flags, 720x720Anning’s later pronouncements failed to deliver on what his speech appeared to have promised. Whilst his talk in parliament seemed to support a whites-only immigration programme, he has since made it clear that he doesn’t support a White Australia Policy. For example, in an April 2019 interview in Gatton (Qld.), Anning stated:

“I’ve never advocated for a White Australia policy”

In the same interview, Anning went on to say:

“We’re a homogenous country. In 1970 we were 99% European. People got on. We’ve had a lot of races who’ve come to this country, who’ve helped us build it, the Greeks, the Italians, the Indians, Chinese, Sikhs, all sorts of people, the Filipinos, the Thais — they’ve come here, they’ve integrated, and they’ve helped us build a great nation.”

Anning outlined the same ideas in an interview he did with Dia Beltran in April 2019:

“The Greeks, the Italians, the Vietnamese, the Sikhs, and everything, they integrate, they work, they come here, they integrate, they become part of our country, they helped us build this country, and they’re most welcome.”

Beltran posed the questions “What about Christians from other countries? Would you permit Christians into Australia if they were Middle Eastern, or if their skin was brown? You don’t object to skin colour, you’re objecting to ideology, is that accurate?”, to which Anning replied:

“Yeah, sure, we don’t have any colour charts in my office at all. Happy to have anyone who is Christian; look, anyone who assimilates; they don’t have to be Christians; we’ve got lots of good Hindus, and Bhuddists, and all sorts of religions here, and if they come in here and they assimilate, and especially if they want to work and help us build the country, and not go on the bloody welfare, which is costing us a motza — so, yeah, I’m quite happy with them all.”

Beltran then stated “I’m a minority in this country … I’m half-Spanish, half-Columbian, I’m quite different, so what constitutes, in your mind, an Australian nationalist? I personally believe that the majority has every right to stay predominantly white; I don’t know why that is controversial and why I’m called a race traitor for saying that. … How do you talk your way around that?”

In reply, Anning said:

“In 1970 we were 99% European, we’re now less than 70% European … all I’ve ever said is we’d like a predominantly European immigration policy, which is exactly what we have now, we have a predominantly European country.

… If somebody wants to live in a predominantly Asian society, or a predominantly African society, or a predominantly Middle Eastern society, I can tell you where to go — go to Beijing, or go to bloody Somalia, or go to the Middle East; but if you want to live in a predominantly European society, which is what we have here, then let’s import predominantly Europeans; it doesn’t mean exclusively Europeans, but I certainly don’t want to import any more Muslims, who don’t want to integrate, and who — to a great degree — live on our welfare.”

In an interview with Matty Rose, in Melbourne in May 2019, Fraser Anning returned yet again to the same sort of theme which he had used in previous interviews, praising non-white migrants:

“This nation was built by people who came from all countries in the world — the Greeks, the Italians, the Indians, the Vietnamese and Filipinos — all these sort of people have come over here and they’ve integrated really well, and they’ve helped us build a country.

So those are the people who’re welcome. They don’t go on welfare day one, and they don’t stay there for the rest of their lives, like some of our fake refugees, so they’re very welcome.

The people who aren’t, I believe, welcome, are the people who’re coming over here, going on welfare, and causing havoc, and trying to turn our society into their society. So it’s not multiculturalism, it’s tribalism, or it’s a parallel society — that’s not what we want; we want people to integrate and to join in with us and to help build the country, as all those nations, as I just mentioned, did.

… In 1970 we were 99% European, we’re now 70% European. So, keeping a predominantly European society, it’s not wrong to have a European society. For some reason, it’s only the Western countries that need diversity; you don’t hear anyone saying that Africa needs diversity, or China needs diversity, or any of the Asian countries, or the Middle Eastern countries, no-one wants to give them diversity — but apparently we’re supposed to have this diversity, which is all being pushed by the United Nations, this globalist agenda.

Our party will never surrender our sovereignty. We’ll stand up for Australia. I don’t believe we need to be dictated to by a foreign, corrupt, globalist organisation like the United Nations, and I’d like to see us out of that corrupt organisation day one.

… Predominantly European means as we are now. 70%, we don’t want to go lower than that. I don’t believe most Australians want to. I don’t believe most Australians want to become a minority in their own country. What’s the point of being here?”

Anning’s minimum goal of a 70% white Australia falls far short of what is needed for our nation to survive; the minimum goal should be at least 98-99%. As the saying goes, “Demographics is destiny” — if Australia’s demographics are to be substantially non-white, then it will be only a matter of time until the white population is replaced by a combination of Third World immigration and miscegenation. Anning’s bottom-line of a 70% European nation actually spells the death of white Australia.

Civic Patriots and Anning’s political party
The immigration-driven genocide of the Australian people will be no cause of sadness to the Multiracialists, Multiculturalists, and Civic Patriots — indeed, all of those people are traitors, and thus many of them are active supporters of Third World immigration (and are therefore supporters of demographic white genocide).

When Anning set up his own political party, “Fraser Anning’s Conservative National Party”, by all reports it was quickly filled up with Civic Patriots who wanted to be patriotic, but without any “racism” — i.e. they were pro-Establishment types who were supporters of non-white immigration into Australia.

Anning’s party was full of Civic Patriot idiots who think that so long as Third World migrants are willing to learn English, go to the footy, and eat meat pies (and aren’t Muslim), then they’ll all be “Australian”. Civic Patriots who support Third World immigration are traitors; indeed, anyone who is opposed to a White Australia policy is a traitor.

Anning’s Indian sidekick

Fraser Anning's Queensland Senate team

Fraser Anning’s Queensland Senate team (Paul Taylor is second from the right)

One of Fraser Anning’s first moves in setting up his new party was to put a Third World migrant in second place on the party’s senate ticket for the 2019 federal election, an Indian by the unlikely name of Paul Taylor, who had previously been a candidate for the Rise Up Australia Party and the One Nation Party. So, if Anning won a place in the senate, but died or lost his seat due to legal machinations (which is a tactic that the Establishment has been very fond of pursuing), then this Indian would have been the party’s leader in the federal parliament.

Taylor was also appointed as the party’s second-in-command; indeed, Taylor was Acting Party President during a period when Anning stood aside over for a while due to some financial problems with his business.

Now, if a Third Worlder is a fair dinkum supporter of a White Australia policy, then he should be welcome as an ally to pro-white activists — it would be good to see the Multiculturalists’ heads metaphorically explode over that situation. Although whether a non-white should be put at the head of a pro-white party is a different matter. However, it appears that Taylor’s actual motivating cause, regarding immigration, was to stop Muslims coming into the country — a position which helps the pro-white cause, but is not necessarily pro-white per se (i.e. if someone opposes Muslim immigration, but supports Third World immigration, then they’re not pro-white). Taylor, with his white wife, is presumably a supporter of miscegenation.

Paul Taylor has since resigned from Anning’s party, and has been chasing his dream of becoming the mayor of the city of Logan (Qld.), but a large question mark still hovers over Anning’s party, and over Anning himself, as to whether they are pro-white or just a bunch of useless Civic Patriot cucks.

There’s a rumour going around that Anning appointed Taylor to his party’s second position so as to avoid the charges of “racism” being made against him — but an unsubstantiated rumour is never worth much. If the rumour was true, then it could be regarded as “realpolitik”; however, acting outside of your own principles always carries the risk that lines become blurred, with the possible outcome of compromise and self-caused defeat. Although, if a 70% white Australia is Anning’s goal, then his use of an Indian as a major player in his party would seem to fit in with his philosophy of “people from all countries are welcome, so long as they integrate and don’t go on welfare”.

In summary
When one actually pays attention to the words of Fraser Anning, he sounds a lot more like a Civic Patriot than a Nationalist; although possibly he is one of those confused patriots who is partly both, but who hasn’t really thought through the long-term consequences of what he is advocating — but we can’t rely on what “may be”, we have to go with what we know.

What we do know is that Anning has been supportive of Third World immigration, although perhaps in a limited sense. We also know that he appointed an Indian to the second-in-charge position of his party.

Looking at the bright side, at least Anning has called for a majority white Australia, which places him far above the mainstream political parties. It’s a start, even though it falls far short of what is necessary.

Fraser Anning is far better than the politicians of the Liberal and Labour parties, but he is not the solution to our looming demographic disaster.

What the Australian nation really needs is a White Australia Policy, to return our country to a 98-99% white majority, in order to save the future of the Australian people.

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