Eligible for rape? [by Andrew Phillips]

By Andrew Phillips, 29th April 2005

Sheikh Fa’ez Mohammed’s less than complimentary views of our nation’s women has certainly caused a stir to say the least. “A woman wearing clothes accentuating her beauty is ELIGIBLE FOR RAPE”.

Eligible for rape? How nice of him, and spoken to a crowd of 1000 Lebanese Moslem males in Sydney too. This, in the wake of relatively recent gaol terms for Lebanese Moslems convicted of pack-raping defenceless Australian young women during which they were defiled, intimidated and racially vilified simply for being Australian women walking on Australian soil.

At the very least, Mohammed is being honest in the way his people view our culture and in particular, the precious value represented by our nation’s women (precious to us, at least). To Moslems, our culture in comparison to Islam is as effluent is to pure clean water. Western women? Well, work that one out for yourselves. Clearly, there is a severe lack of respect which the Multi-culturalists can never hope to bridge in their wildest dreams.

Already the global village advocates are in a frenzy launching themselves into damage control. They bring out other representatives of the local Moslem communities, all of which supposedly “distance” themselves from the Sheikh’s comments, but noticeably none have condemned him outright (perhaps tacit approval?).

Imagine the outrage if I made the claim that Moslem women dress the way they do to inflame the lusts of Western men? All those robes and the veil — leaving so much to the imagination. Well, obviously “they’d be just asking for it and deserve what they get”. I can guarantee you, I would wind up in the same position as Rushdie. Only difference being I’d have to deal not only with rampant Moslem extremists frantically chasing their heavenly reward, but I’d also have to deal with the global village hippies and their allies in the gutter press as well.

Undoubtedly, the furore will eventually die down until the next round of pack rapes upon innocent women. However, the Sheikh’s comments have been cemented into the memories of many of us who hold grave concerns about the nation’s future and the social upheaval that the current policy of multiculturalism is bringing upon us. A policy that has been tried and failed repeatedly around the world in societies similar to ours.

To the Sheikh and his lustful, violent and lawless followers I say this: There is no place for you in our society. Go now — find a place that is suited to your warped values and twisted behaviour because you will never fit in here, you’re just not welcome.

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