Diversity Prison Blues [song]

Blue sky and bars, 150x150(Dedicated to all those nationalists who have been sent to prison, or who have risked going to prison, due to the political laws passed by Multiculturalist regimes. The tempo was inspired by “Folsom Prison Blues”, by Johnny Cash.)

There’s a bright blue sky outside,
I can see it from my cell,
I’m missing all my freedom,
Stuck in this concrete hell

I’m here in Diversity Prison,
Just simply marking time,
I didn’t hurt anybody —
I’m guilty of Though Crime

The rat traitors are supporting
All Third World immigration,
Then I loudly, proudly, said
“That’s no good for our nation”

So, off to Diversity Prison
Is where they sent my rear,
But there is change a-coming —
And I hope that end is near

They carted me off in chains,
Because I’d raised my voice —
To be a traitor or a patriot,
For me, there was no choice

So, screw those Judas rats
And all the scum who’ve risen
To brainwash little children
And put me in this prison

Multi-Culture and perversity
Are what the traitors preach,
And to put their plans in place
They’re banning our free speech

They want to destroy our nation,
And deprive us of our rights;
But, come the Revolution, —
We’ll win it for the Whites.

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