Depraved crimes [by Andrew Phillips]

By Andrew Phillips, 8th May 2005

In the last three days, local Adelaide newspaper “The Advertiser” has exhibited some semblance of community responsibility by reporting details of a number of horrendous crimes against innocent women.

On March 17th, the paper reported the crimes of one “Hakeem Hakeem”, a Sudanese immigrant aged 19. This cream of Australia’s immigration policy is alleged to have forced a couple to have sex, raped a woman with a tree branch and raped and attempted to murder a defenceless 63 year old woman.

March 19th contained the report of the sentencing of Damien Kevin Amos, who recently had his 22 year sentence extended to 30 years.

Amos broke into the home of a woman in November 2000 and raped her numerous times, one of which he used a can of deodorant on his helpless victim, then stole her handbag as he left.

Not content with the level of depravity he displayed and the misery he inflicted on the first occasion, Amos returned two months later on Australia Day to attack other members of his victim’s family.

Amos threatened the mother of his first victim, a 71 year old Grandmother, with a pair of scissors and held her so tightly around the neck she died of strangulation. He then turned his attention onto the victim’s daughter, a mere teenager, and proceeded to rape her four times while threatening her with the scissors.

The actions of these depraved animals is bad enough but what makes their behavior even more repugnant is their lack of guilt and remorse for the misery they have inflicted upon innocent and defenceless human beings.

These reports raise a number of issues. Apart from the obvious concern regarding the type of “people” we are importing into our society and the obvious lack of security vetting of potential immigrants or “refugees”, it is also a sad indictment upon our legal and education systems.

The rampant display of depraved criminal activity and general lawlessness is a symptom of social engineering policies practiced in our schools and the weak-kneed approach to punishment by judges, lawyers and politicians. What is lacking is respect for authority, respect for humanity and an acceptance of the need for punishment when anti-social behavior is exhibited.

It is time for punishment to fit the crime. If we are too squeamish to reintroduce capital punishment for depraved, violent acts, then corporal punishment must be considered in our penal system. Introduce the cane once a week for the length of the sentence for those guilty of sick crimes or drug trafficking. This will allow them to feel just some of the fear they inflicted upon their victims, thereby instilling some sense of empathy for the plight of their victims.

Our schools have become cesspits of social engineering, producing human beings who expect to receive all of life’s bounties without effort or responsibility towards the society which cares for them. They are taught empathy for the starving African, the homeless Asian tsunami victim, but have no respect for the elderly of their own culture — growing up to view them as irrelevant, a burden and caretakers of a culture and value system that has nothing to offer.

Now is the time to recognise and address these serious issues. Make the penal system punish the depraved. Revamp the education system so that it supports the values that made our nation so great and stable in the past, rather than letting Fabian Society sympathising “teachers” poison our children in their endless quest to fashion society in their own image.

Make a stand against it now — they are already becoming a rod for our own backs.

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