Cowardly black attacks 71-year-old Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger attacked with a flying kick from behind

Arnold Schwarzenegger attacked with a flying kick from behind

Arnold Schwarzenegger was the victim of a cowardly racist attack by a young black male in South Africa.
The star of the Terminator movies, and ex-Governor of California, was assaulted while he was in Africa to help Africans (more fool him) with the Arnold Classic Africa sports festival in Johannesburg.

Whilst Arnie was standing on the sidelines at a match, the black thug attacked him from behind with a flying kick.
That’s right, he attacked him from behind!

Now, what sort of person would run up and do a flying kick into the back of a 71-year-old man?
That sort of attack could break the back of many old people, who often have brittle bones, or at least cause considerable, if not permanent, damage.
Obviously, the attacker is absolute scum.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's head snaps back as he is kicked by a cowardly black thug

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s head snaps back as he is kicked by the cowardly black thug

Was it just a coincidence that this black thug attacked an elderly white male?
No, of course not.

This type of low-life behaviour should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with modern-day South Africa.

Unfortunately, idiotic white liberals handed their country over to the neo-communist African National Congress, who have since turned the place into a cesspit of anti-white hatred.
South Africa has become the land where Boer farmers and their families are ongoing targets for home invasions, bashings, rapes, and murders. Being a Boer farmer is now one of the most dangerous occupations in the world.

Remember, this is the country where prominent black politicians stand up in public and sing “Kill the Boer”.

Luckily, Arnold Schwarzenegger is a tough man and he survived the attack without injury.

Arnold Schwarzenegger being kicked in the back

Arnold Schwarzenegger being kicked in the back

Fans of the Terminator movies have theorised that the black thug was actually a terminator sent back from the future to attack Arnie — one of the T-5000 Dindunuffin cyborgs.

Unfortunately, Arnie is too soft-hearted; he didn’t press charges against the black thug.
That might sound all very nice if you’re a useless do-gooder, thinking “turn the other cheek” and all that, but letting the young criminal go without punishment just means that he will be free to attack someone else, and, indeed, he will be emboldened to attack again, because he got away with it the first time (actually, if you think that this was the first instance of that thug attacking someone, you’ve got rocks in your head).

Scum like that should be locked up in jail, and only let out to break rocks in the prison yard — locks and rocks, that’s what he needs.

Roped off

It’s time to rope off thugs from decent society

When the Day of Just Punishments arrives, young thugs like that will be roped off from the rest of society.

It was actually very wrong, if not stupid, of Arnie not to press charges — he’s now morally responsible for every criminal action that the young thug makes for the next two to five years (what the sentence should have been for such an attack).

Having spent too much time in California, Schwarzenegger is chronically suffering from the severe medical condition “Acute Rainbow Syndrome”, also known as “Suckof” (Stupid Useless Cucks Killing Off our Future), which is sometimes fatal for the individual, and always damaging to the long-term health of the nation. The disease is contagious, being spread by STD (Slander, Toxicity, and Deceit) via the mainstream media. People infected with Suckof are often found in big political parties, the mainstream media, and in academia.

The anti-white attack against Schwarzenegger is not an isolated incident in the new South Africa, infected as it is with deep and violent anti-white racism.

This latest low-life attack is but a harbinger of things to come.

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