Silent invasion, deliberate betrayal [by Andrew Phillips]

By Andrew Phillips, 28th April 2006

It is indeed of great concern so soon after Anzac Day, the day true Australians hold so close to heart as the day on which we remember the sacrifices previous generations made to ensure the safety and continuation of our nation as they knew it, that reports come forth indicating both Government and media are hell bent to drag it all asunder.

Following the United Nations’ recent drubbing of the Federal Government in the wake of their perceived “harsh treatment” of illegal immigrants (off-shore tropical holiday resorts fully paid by the long suffering Australian Taxpayer), the Coalition government has expressed disappointment that their actions have upset the U.N. and assured the grotesque body that our nation would not “evade it’s obligations” under U.N. requirements. Clearly, the government trots out its pseudo patriotic hardline whenever an election looms, assuring the Australian people that “we will decide who enters our land, on our terms” (um, provided it meets with Third World dominated U.N. approval), then conveniently packs the line away while flooding the nation with the world’s refuse, such as relatives of Saddam Hussein who conveniently marry Labor politicians.

Is refuse too severe a word to use?

The crimes committed by these people against Australians continue unabated. Only recently reports came forth that a woman was sexually assaulted in the Adelaide suburb of Brighton by one “very dark African”.

Likewise, the assault of a father, son and party guest in Adelaide (stabbing) by gate crashers whose physical description and claims of a “thick accent” immediately conjures up the impression of our new “Middle Eastern” community — large numbers of whom have settled in the North Eastern areas of Adelaide with the much-touted Africans.

Considering the claims were once made that our immigration program would ensure that our nation would only attract the “cream”, those officials responsible and the vested interests should take a whiff and realise that cream has gone fairly sour.

Then again, the Immigration Department isn’t too keen on transparency nowadays. In the wake of the Commonwealth Games the over 7000 “special visas” granted to athletes and officials expired recently. Apparently the Department charged with ensuring our nation does not become a dumping ground isn’t too keen to inform the Australian people just how many criminals have stayed in the country and applied for “asylum”.

Likewise, the department refuses to release details of how many bridging visas have been issued for those attempting to live here permanently. More cheap labour for Australian workers to compete with? More pack rapists preying upon Australian girls who clearly ask for it because they don’t wear a burkha…..

As could be expected, the media always buries these blotches on the paradise of multiculturalism in a tidal wave of reports of harmony and imminent prosperity. Photographs of Africans chasing a football always makes good footage along with reports of “multi faith” celebrations, guaranteed to put one’s mind at rest.

Needless to say, our good friend from the Murray Valley Standard has recently been in impressive form. Editor Travis “Are Chinese good for Murray Bridge, quick, yes or no?” Simmons has managed to continue his impressive display of “journalistic gymnastics” on the issue. Following the continued leafleting of the Murraylands on this issue, Travis seems to have subdued his outrage over T&R employing over 100 Chinese labourers at the expense of Australians (this position taken after the release of an initial leaflet following his enthusiastic support for cheap labour). Now, Travis seems awfully concerned that we should once again realise these people aren’t just short term contractors but soon to be valuable long term members of the local community, enriching our culture and fitting in just swimmingly! One presumes, along with their extended families once they are granted permanent visas.

In a tacky attempt at reassurance, the Standard claims that the great highlight of the local Anzac Day commemoration was the fact they managed to spot a couple of Chinese faces who had come down for a gawk — thereby proving they are happy to immerse themselves in our culture and “really fit in”.


Of concern is Travis’ recent enthusiasm for Murray Bridge Mayor Arbon’s venture onto the international stage with, wait for it, yes China. Proudly proclaiming that our very own mayor has stepped up from a lowly audience averaging 100 to a really big one of 900 million — Chinese no less! Apparently the mayor has been hooked up with Comrade Mayor Wang Yong Chang of Shaoxing City to enthusiastically discuss all the similarities of the two cities and issues relating to water and the environment — considering China’s record of ecological responsibility and conservation one really must doubt that the good citizens of Murray Bridge would really have much to learn from this model One Party State.

Rather than spending time communicating with 900 million Chinese, perhaps representatives of the Murray Bridge Council would be better served listening to their own constituents and protecting their interests? Given the Council’s disgraceful support and indeed enthusiasm for the importation of cheap Chinese labour, one can only wonder at what other items were on the agenda during this self-indulgent mutual lovefest.

The simple truth is that the government cannot be trusted to maintain a sensible immigration program that ensures the nation’s economic and spiritual well-being. The media perpetuates the lie while Australians continue to be thrown on the economic scrapheap in favour of cheaper labour, their taxes used to create a nation of uneasy tribes pursuing their own interests and continued restrictions on freedom of speech and association in the name of “social cohesion” and “national security”.

The time for decision is approaching rapidly. Australians must decide if our land is worth retaining and the sacrifices made by previous generations were really of any value — before it is too late.

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