S.A. Lacks welcoming atmosphere for homosexuals [by Andrew Phillips]

By Andrew Phillips, 6th July2006

“SA worst for gay couples!” cried the recent headline in a South Australian paper.

As one could predict, the tripe that followed was a lamentation that South Australia had slipped from being a world leader in law reform (new speak for pandering to the apologists of crime, sexual perversion and drug addiction) to being the last of all states and territories to recognise the “rights” (?) of homosexuals and lesbians.

Submissions to the Human Rights Commission slammed our State’s “archaic” and out-dated (traditional?) laws regarding homosexuality and proceeded to list a terrible list of perceived “injustices” against our State’s poor oppressed sodomite community — which included the outrageous actions by the parents of a deceased son ensuring that his homosexual “partner” wasn’t permitted to attend his funeral service. Surely the wishes of grieving parents far outweigh the miffed feelings of the deceased’s “boyfriend” who could visit the graveside to pay his respects anytime he chose outside of the rites performed for a deceased person….

The submissions also lamented that the “gay community” had been campaigning for almost a decade for legal recognition of same sex couples and “equal rights”. Homosexuals can arrange for their “partners” to be catered for via various means including wills and stipulating them as a party to gain a percentage of their superannuation — no different to leaving money to a charity or other organisation — where is the injustice?

Their claims that our state is the worst for their behaviour is weak to say the least. The sad and disappointing record we hold is an indictment upon our community leaders. Under Labor, we made their unnatural behaviour “legal”. This began a flood of events and services to make them feel “welcome”, including public displays of “gay pride” such as the “Feast Festival”, Gay Pride marches, Parkestone Association which throws out money to suitable “gay causes and organisations” — supposedly the fund was started following a bequest from a high profile Adelaide homosexual. One can only wonder.

One must “marvel” at the devious nature of successive South Australian governments and their innate ability to hide the level of funding they inject into these “minority causes” to keep them placated. Numerous references are made to SA Government departments and their sponsorship of “gay events” in our state, such as Department of Health, Office for Youth, Universities and Art SA — all bodies receiving taxpayer funding and supporting the homosexual’s endless struggle for recognition.

Not bad for a state that has been labelled the worst for homosexuals. Not to mention the insideous corruption of our children in schools under the guise of “sex education”, when we have Government-supported organisations such as Shine SA sneaking in and teaching our children that “it’s a valid lifestyle and it’s ok to experiment with sodomy” — nice.

Some time ago when the “homosexual commuity” began pushing for “recognition and equality”, I made a quip questioning how long it would be until paedophiles began clamouring for their place in the sun along with the rest of us normal folk. Needless to say I received all the expected condemnation, along with the claim that there is no link between homosexuality and child molestation (besides the fact neither act is normal?).

Last month I noticed that paedophiles in the Netherlands have formed their own political party to represent their interests and fight for their “rights” — just like the homosexuals of today. Changing social values, aided and abetted by the media and governments of both hues desperate to ensure the support of yet another minority bloc in the endless quest for social “inclusion”.

I can hear the “gay lobbies” squealing in self-righteous indignation from here. One question, in your quest for sexual freedom and recognition — will you deny the same rights to another sexual minority group? Oh, the hypocrisy! I don’t envy your dilemma……

It’s time for Mike Rann to stop wasting taxpayers’ money on endless social engineering projects and spend our funds on targeted projects that will benefit the wider community, create jobs, protect our own environment and aid the regional communities of our state — the people who provide a benefit to the state.

It’s time for the homosexual lobby groups to quit their whinging. They have never had it so good. Despite their endless rhetoric, they are not normal, they are not equal. The ultimate laws of God and Nature plainly dictate this to be so. Perhaps this is why gay sites announced that Murraylands in SA is the nation’s “least gay area” — what a condemnation! Country people have traditional values and farm life clearly pronounces the truth that same sex activities is not normal…

On a final note, before I get another flood of emails from those claiming to be Family First supporters and berating me for my “narrow stance” on social issues — here are some references for you: Leviticus 20:13, Romans 1:26-27, 1 Timothy 1:8-11.

Those of us involved in patriotic conservative politics support the values that made our nation great. So-called “social conservatives” such as Family First cannot have it both ways, or, to use their own religious parlance “you can’t have two masters”.

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