Plead ignorance, gain residency [by Andrew Phillips]

By Andrew Phillips, 22nd August 2006

According to the DIMA (Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs) website, the purpose of this bureaucratic bohemoth is to “enrich Australia through the well-managed entry and settlement of people”.

In a bizarre show of the public services’ sense of humour, they also adopted the phrase “People — our business”.

One must admire the surprising brutal honesty displayed by the managers of our social engineering department with this proudly proclaimed motto, particularly in the wake of the recent decision by our so-called “hard-line Conservative” government’s decision not to deport 100 Chinese illegals from our shores.

Yes indeed, people certainly appear to be the department’s business, with recent disclosure that certain immigration officials have been lining their pockets with extra payments made by Chinese desperate to gain Australian residency. Bribes of up to $200,000 each have been made to an immigration official following reassurances that Australian citizenship would be granted.

This should really come as no surprise following the periodic ringing of alarm bells over the last 20 years in regards to the behaviour of this department. Tales of bribery, sex for visas, corruption have dogged this pillar of national protection for decades, culminating in the gaoling of Labor’s Andrew Theophanous for abusing his position and accepting sexual favours from Asian women in return for his intervention in visa issues (Advertiser, May 23, 2002).

In the wake of the Howard government’s strong rhetoric designed to appeal to the natural instincts of the Australian people, one would expect the government to react in the strongest possible way to this disgraceful behaviour. To the contrary, the government has thrown up it’s collective hands of betrayal and declared there is nothing they can do.

100 Chinese commit a crime attempting to bribe Australian bureaucrats to allow them to stay in our land. The public servants should be gaoled for corruption and betrayal of their employers — the Australian people, the proceeds of their crime should be confiscated and used to assist victims of crime, the Chinese who bribed the officials should serve time in prison and be deported immediately upon release — no questions asked, no avenue of appeal. These people were pursuing a course of behaviour common and acceptable in their own culture, clearly they are of suspect character and would prove to be of no benefit to the Australian nation.

Claims they didn’t know bribery for citizenship is illegal surely would not stand in a court of law! The best result any of us could expect with the old “ignorance of the law” excuse would perhaps be recognition of extenuating circumstance and a lighter or suspended sentence. No, for these parasites the reward for “ignorance” is permanent residency and a get out of gaol free card.

As infuriating as this situation is, it is merely a symptom of a much wider and deadly malaise.

Anyone remotely interested in the political process of the West and our nation in particular, must surely be able to see that the parliament, government departments and civil services have become a nest of vipers — riddled with incompetence, indolence, corruption, perversion and betrayal.

Clearly, our nation is run by fools. If it is not foolishness that governs their actions, then the only other explanation is wilful neglect or downright treason. Leading the nation we love down the road to a hell of their own making, with no care for the burden their constituents must carry on the way. In times gone by, those guilty of such behaviour received the just punishment for their actions — alas our society appears to have lost it’s spine and intestinal fortitude in such matters, the rewards of social engineering it would seem.

Time is running short for Australians. The short-term amusement provided by credit splurging, sporting / multi-cultural events and any other ridiculous distraction offered by politicians and vested interests will soon cost the nation dearly.

Those in power ride the intermittent grumblings of discontent offered by disconcerted Australians, knowing full well that there will be another round of bread and circuses to distract the gullible masses. For 18 months of a parliamentary term, the constituents write letters of outrage to sycophantic newspaper editors — nothing changes and all is forgotten at election time when all is forgiven and the same trash is returned to sit on the same seats in the chambers of parliament.

For how long? How many farmers will be forced off their land? How many family farms are to be lost? How many Australian workers are to be shoved through the gates for the last time as their jobs go offshore, or just as undesirable, how many will be denied the right to work in their own land just because they refuse to sign workplace agreements unacceptable to Aussies, but appeal to Third World workers? How many young Australians must face the nightmare of ethnic violence, how long must young Australian girls fear sexual predators, many motivated by racial hatred?

It might be too hard to think about, it may well be more appealing to return to the amusement provided by the cyclical smoke and mirrors brigade, but make no mistake, in so many ways this nation is standing on the gallows, the hood is on and the noose has been tightened…….

Australia — It’s YOUR country, take it BACK!

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