Open letter to One Nation members [by Andrew Phillips]

By Andrew Phillips, 30th May 2006

No-one can deny the efforts made in the past by many valuable members of One Nation. A great deal of time, energy and indeed financial resources has been given by concerned Australians towards the cause of reclaiming our nation in the face of the scourge of globalisation and economic rationalism. Against the tide of misinformation and slander thrown at them by opposition parties and the media, One Nation members and their Executives continued the fight as best they could, voicing the concerns of ordinary disfranchised Australians….

Many candidates contributed personal funds towards their campaigns, motivated by the deep concern for the nation’s welfare and the anger one experiences from witnessing the decimation of our manufacturing sector and the job losses experienced by working class Australians as jobs go off-shore.

Likewise, the threats to our regional communities as our primary sector is forced time and again to “restructure” to accommodate the demands of globalisation, not to mention the potential damage inflicted by the admission of cheap foreign imports and the diseases carried which could wipe out most of our Primary producers. Fire Blight, Black Sigatoka, Post Weaning Multisystemic Wasting Syndrome — these among others place the livelihood and very economic survival of regional communities at risk. For what? A disastrous pursuit of a twisted theory of economic and social engineering.

As stated, the efforts displayed by a great many One Nation members must be applauded. However, the direction taken by some of it’s leadership in the last 2 years leaves a great deal to be desired and leads one to suspect all the efforts will come to naught. In it’s desperate attempt to gain some form of “social respectability” (read — media acceptance), One Nation’s leadership appears to have abandoned it’s stoic independence and now resembles little more than a shadowy version of the Liberal Party, clamoring for media acceptance and ingratiating itself to Family First.

Naturally, one understands the quagmire that is the arena of political activity. There are ways in which one packages one’s message, relationships to be built with like-minded organisations and candidates and the distasteful process of negotiating preferences at times of election. Such activities temper the passion with which a goal is pursued but when the very survival of one’s nation is at stake, an organisation must be seen to remain true to its ideals.

Sadly, some of One Nation’s leadership appears to have forgotten the ideals which made it so great for such a short period of time. The hopes ignited within the minds and hearts of the 1 Million Australian voters who gave the party their support have been quickly quenched with the current leadership turning their backs on the bread and butter issues of Immigration, Cheap Labour and Industrial Reform, National Security and Civil Rights.

The party which stood it’s ground and voiced it’s concerns against reckless immigration policies, illegal entrants, the threat of the myriad of international treaties and had the intestinal fortitude to call the shots as they saw it, now delivers press releases applauding the Howard Government’s financial aid to Indonesia and “recognising Indonesia’s valuable relationship with our nation”.

Of equal disappointment is the recent speech given to South Australian members in which much pride was taken in the responsibility claimed by ONP for Family First gaining another seat in the recent election, due to it’s preference distribution.

Family First — that odious party that demands a cult following. The very same party that continued to renege on preference deals with One Nation at the very last moment before an election, resulting in One Nation giving it’s preferences to Family First while they placed One Nation last at protest against One Nation’s “inherent racism”. So much for honesty…..

I have no animosity towards One Nation. It was a fine party with honest members who fought long and hard to make a viable organisation that would one day (hopefully) prove to be an Opposition force against the traitorous vermin so prevalent in our parliaments today. However, if the current leadership refuses to reverse it’s current disastrous course and return to it’s core ideals and display the strength of purpose exhibited in the early years, then they might as well disband and transfer over to the Liberal and Family First parties (there is no difference between the two).

It is time for true patriotic activists to throw aside the enmity and mistrust of the various organisations that continue to keep us separated and our opponents safe.

Australian Protectionism is the unifying philosophy, the belief that can unify our movements and defeat the parasites robbing our children of their rightful inheritance.

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