Minister for social engineering attempts to flex muscle [by Andrew Phillips]

By Andrew Phillips, 12th January 2008

One can’t envy the hand-picked members of K.Rudd’s “Ministry of Miracles”. Having promised so much and told to hit the ground running to address the social ills of every minority group in the country, they must certainly be experiencing a great deal of pressure.

Which squealing, taxpayer funded pressure group does one address first? Having made great posturing over the issue of apologising to indigenous Australians over the removal of abused children and children at risk, the Ministry of Miracles has done an impressive job of back flipping and sweeping the issue under the carpet as soon as the pressure group vultures began calling for over a billion dollars compensation.

Best not to think about it…..

Time to divert attention to the tried and proven stomping ground of political correctness — the heartland of New Labor. Like all good Fabians, education is a subject held dear to these social engineers in their attempt to recreate the world in their image — the new Labor regime here in Australia would make the Webb couple (Fabian Society creators) proud.

Such are the opportunities available that our very own Minister for Social Engineering, Julia Gillard, has been spoiled for choice in opportunities to get her name linked to special interest groups. Racing around like Labor’s answer to Woody Woodpecker, red hair aflame and steely gaze leveled at the cameras, she has deftly diverted attention from the one billion dollars desired by the Aborigines and promised $20 million in taxpayers funds to ensure students would be safe in their schools.

Sounds like a noble cause. I for one would appreciate the fact that Australian schools are a safe place for my children to attend. Like any parent, I want my schools free from vandalism, free from gang violence, free from drugs.

In a recent article in the South Australian “Advertiser” Julia “Woody” Gillard appears less interested in these problems than ingratiating herself to multicultural pressure groups (the time honoured practice of her New Labor forebears). In order to have access to this pit of money, suitable schools would have to apply for access to these funds — provided they have been identified by the Australian Federal Police and our much esteemed security service — ASIO, as being at risk in these “dark days”.

“It would be of no surprise, for example, that many Jewish schools have had cause for concern about security arrangements” Ms. Gillard said.

Really? Threats from whom?

Having worked in the same suburb as Massada College, the Jewish school in Adelaide, I can honestly say I have never seen any vandalism on its property or heard of threats made against its students.

It seems more than likely that Ms. Gillards’ comments were made in an attempt to appear even-handed when dealing with the issue really troubling Labor — that of the proposed Islamic school in Camden NSW. The protests by Camden residents against the building proposal has been described as “community unrest” in the media. Sounds worthy of sending in the water cannon and tear gas, the way they put it….

Is the Rudd government seriously suggesting the good residents of Camden are so opposed to the Islamic school that they would turn to violence? Harm school students? If this is what the government is suggesting, then it raises two issues. Firstly, the government has a very poor opinion of it’s own people. Secondly, it realises that the opposition to the school is so strong that to proceed with foisting multiculturalism on these people is to invite unrest.

Clearly by the selection criteria used to discern which schools would have access to these funds, Labor are once again pork barreling their traditional supporter base, the multicultural lobby groups and have no interest in the plight of mainstream schools or those run by Christian denominations.

Security for minority schools in the face of phantom threats by those terribly intolerant Australians is not the only opportunity for Gillard.

The woman who “would be Prime Minister” has weighed into the debate about their plans to scrap the previous government’s proposed history syllabus.

She has announced the new Labor government would “support the teaching of history in secondary schools and would work with State governments to implement a rigorous curriculum”.

Wall-to-wall social engineering Labor governments all working together to decide what national view would be fed to our children during their school years……

We do look forward to the tight rope act to be performed by K.Rudd’s Ministry of Miracles as they continue to push the black armband view of history, yet try to wriggle out of the legal claims for over a billion dollars in compensation by Aborigines.

Forgive the cynicism, but based on Labor’s past record, the self-loathing and guilt-based sentiments with which national history has been taught to our students, Australian Protectionists have every right to view the direction of this debate with deep suspicion. We suggest that students and parents be especially vigilant in opposing political correctness and political bias masquerading as proper education.

We do indeed live in “interesting times”.

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