Harvey Norman boss — “two parties, same destination” [by Andrew Phillips]

By Andrew Phillips, 21st October 2007

So close to an election it is refreshing to hear a representative of the globalists come out and call “a spade a spade”.

In a recent article in the South Australian “Sunday Mail” newspaper, Harvey Norman boss Gerry Harvey announced his support for any government, of whatever political hue, to bring in what he described as “a second tier” to the labour market.

In doing so, Mr. Harvey spouted the economic philosophy faced by our nation’s forebears when unscrupulous bosses pushed for the importation of cheap labour from the “developing world” in order to maximise profit and push Australian workers to either accept lower wages and conditions, or be removed from the labour market all together.

Mr. Harver went on to announce that foreign “guest workers” should be invited into our nation to be paid less than the award wage and such a move would “preserve Australia’s economic success”.

Harvey went on to inform the apparently ignorant readers that Australian manufacturers were moving overseas to utilise cheap labour. It would appear that he seeks a government that would advocate saving the few Australian based manufacturers the inconvenience of moving operations overseas and bring the cheap, compliant Third World labour to our shores instead.

Like most advocates of an unfettered flow of international capital and labour, Mr. Harvey did not appear too concerned about the result of the forthcoming Federal election provided “business went on as usual”.

Telling us what most already know, Harvey declared that life would not change under a Rudd government as both parties embraced similar policies.

Australia — the One Party State.

This being the case, one can only wonder why the so-called representatives of the interests of working class families — the union movement, continues to financially aid Labor — a party aiming to stab them in the back as soon as it gains power!

At least in times gone by, both the union movement and much of the Labor Party recognised the desire of unscrupulous bosses for a flow of cheap, compliant foreign labour and fought the process tooth and nail through legislation restricting immigration, governing wages and when necessary making their presence felt on the nation’s docks.

Clearly, those days are gone. Search as they might, ordinary Australian families are left defenceless as the current parties continue to push towards a global village — a borderless world where multinationals effortlessly shift both capital and labour around the globe in order to maximise profit. To hell with the consequences and misery, both environmental and economic, that they leave in their wake.

Although not standing in this election, the Australian Protectionist Party is working hard to build a foundation on which to launch a campaign for 2010. Protectionists recognise the need to offer an alternative to the Global Village Idiots who would run our homeland into the ground, destroy our identity and treat human beings as mere economic units, to be disposed of as international trends dictate.

The time is long overdue for Australians to make a stand and actively oppose the destruction of the family farm, the decimation of our industries and the sell off of our national assets. These belong to the Australian nation, to our young who have every right to expect the level of self determination and independence that was experienced by previous generations.

Australia, it’s YOUR country, protect what is left for future generations.

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