Globalists throw Australian workers onto scrapheap [by Andrew Phillips]

By Andrew Phillips, 17th January 2005

“We just can’t sit here and remain Australian”. Words issued today from a spokesman for Australia’s icon QANTAS, must surely be music to the ears of economic rationalists and treacherous advocates of the global village.

Australia’s national air carrier, with an unrivalled safety record the envy of the world and a standard of service which places it amongst the world’s best carriers, has succumbed to the lure of cheap labour and the scourge of “out sourcing”.

QANTAS employees have every right to be outraged at the proposal by the company’s executives to move many operations off-shore, placing at risk thousands of Aussie jobs in the search for ever increasing profit margins. Make no mistake — QANTAS, like many companies with their roots in the public sector, is a highly profitable and efficient organisation. The proposal to take advantage of Third World labour is motivated purely by GREED and nothing else.

However, it must surely be of no surprise. Just another in a long line of companies closing operations and dumping Australian workers onto the dole queue or into the ever-expanding pool of casual labourers who long for a return to the security of the past. Sheridan in Adelaide began closing operations just before Christmas 2001 to move operations to Asia, Mitsubishi also took advantage of the veritable cornucopia that is the “Global Village” and Fletcher Jones in Mount Gambier wins the prize for brutal honesty by announcing Globalisation was to blame for the decision to dump their loyal workforce onto the dole in favour of exploitation of cheap foreign labour.

Of course, we have become accustomed to the momentary outrage expressed by the nation’s union movement, only to see them roll over once they have “secured their members’ entitlements”, believing they’ve made the best of a bad situation.

Every three years, these same unions will bend over backwards to throw their support behind the Labor Party in an election campaign. The same Labor Party that has betrayed the interests of Australian workers time and again, giving tacit support to the de-regulation of both the labour market and the economy, leaving our industries open to takeover by multinationals and our jobs threatened by the availability of cheap labour.

Australian workers soon realised that the line spun to them during the Keating regime that Australians had to work harder, smarter and more efficiently in order to compete in the world market was nothing but a smokescreen. The harder we worked, the improvements we made and the contributions to increased profit just sharpened the greed of unscrupulous directors with no national loyalty or compassion towards their dedicated workforce — there was only one way to improve profit from this point, that lay in off-shore labour pools.

At the risk of sounding somewhat melodramatic, our nation stands on the scaffold and the noose is being placed around our collective necks. We have in Canberra a pseudo “social Conservative” Government hell-bent on selling our nation to any bidder that comes along. The essence of being “conservative” is exactly as the name suggests — to conserve the nation’s institutions, culture, resources and ensure that future generations have a sound foundation on which to build.

The time has come to set aside any petty differences that may exist between various organisations or parties remaining that still give a damn about Australia’s future.

Committed nationalists would be willing to sit at the table with ANY movement for discussions about co-operation. Conservatives are to be found on factory lines, in small businesses, on farms. Many of us belong to unions and realise Labor has done NOTHING but betray our interests, Liberal pays lip service to small business and serves corporate business in reality — and our farmers? Well, no-one really gives a damn about them until election time.

Nationalists would welcome contact with any organisation which has seen through the farce that is Australian politics today. Farmer representatives, small business organisations, unions, traditional Christian bodies.

The invitation for co-operation is here. You are not asked to surrender any autonomy, merely to continue the fight on points of common interest.

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