Western Loyalist on Facebook, 2 July 2015 to 3 July 2015

Western Loyalist on Facebook
2 July 2015 to 3 July 2015
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*** 3 July 2015 ***

The memes keep on coming…

[Photo of Barack Obama making an oath of allegiance on a Bible, with the caption “I do solemnly swear to lie like hell, fund our enemies, weaken your military, turn my back on the veterans, and dismantle the Constitution, so help me Allah!”: 10986632_990543720964857_4254078674887929872_n]
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— And one for the other side…

[Photo of Donald Trump, with his comb-over hairdo blowing in the wind, “If I run in 2016 there will be hell toupee”: 11692512_990558244296738_624861873399177148_n]
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Wondering How That Flag Burning Protest In NYC Went Down? Well, Some Bikers Showed Up…
[“Remember that oh-so-patriotic flag burning protest the anti-police group “Disarm NYPD” had planned just in time for the 4th of July weekend in New York City? Some bikers and veterans got wind of the event and actually showed up for a counter-protest. Turns out, veterans don’t really like it when a bunch of anti-police punks say they’re going to burning the American flag. And there are more than a handful of burly biker dude who didn’t take kindly to the idea either. The Blaze reported on the story and actually has video of the counter-protesters chasing the activists out of the park”]

Google Photos thinks African-Americans are “Gorillas”.
Google rushes to fix software that tagged photo with racial slur
[“When Jacky Alcine looked at his Google Photos app recently, he was appalled by what he saw. The facial recognition software had tagged pictures of him and a friend, both of them African-Americans, with the word “Gorillas.””]
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“Graham explained, that the rainbow was “a sign … that God would not use the flood again to judge the world.””
So, no floods, but maybe fire and brimstone for a modern Sodom and Gomorrah?
Libs Are Going To Hate The Truth Bomb Franklin Graham Just Dropped About ‘Gay Pride Rainbow’

[Photo of a Christian billboard, “Leviticus 18:22. You shall not lie with a man as with a woman. It is an abomination. – God. Love the Sinner, Hate the sin.”: 1970909_10152236814791455_3097082354731254555_n]

Pin the Tale on the Donkey: Democrats’ Horrible Racist Past | Bill Whittle
PJ Media

An “American Flag Profile Picture Maker” (although it should have been made with a bit more of the transparent effect).
Is there a “Confederate Flag Profile Picture Maker” on the net?
Patriotic Profile Picture Maker

— http://rightwingnews.com/special/american-flag-your-profile-on-facebook-new-and-improved-with-a-gadsen-flag-cross-13-colonies-flag/
American Flag Your Profile On Facebook (New and Improved with a Gadsen Flag, Cross & 13 Colonies Flag)

[Picture of Charlie Brown discussing the historical racism of the Democratic Party.]

[Photo of young white man with blood on his face, “It’s not enough to have the flag removed, the white protesters are beaten by blacks; no-one arrested for assault, no media outrage = black privilege”: 11535697_842344745861445_3797146828256304639_n]

Entire Tenn. county clerk’s office resigns over same-sex marriage licenses

NASCAR has already banned the General Lee because it has a Confederate flag.‪
NASCAR Bans The ‘General Lee’ From Phoenix Race Due To Confederate Flag

“NASCAR Chairman Brian France said the sanctioning body would go “as far as we can” to eliminate the Confederate flag from its events.”
“We are committed to providing a welcoming atmosphere free of offensive symbols.” – so, does that mean they will publicly try to get rid of Rainbow flags too? Doubtful. One rule for some, not for others.
NASCAR and its tracks ask fans to stop displaying Confederate flag

Black sheriff says: “The thing that bothers me the most in this decision, though, is the way the court acted as essentially five oligarchs … these five decided to act like legislators. And my concern is, it takes away from the legislative authority of Congress. And if they can do it with gay marriage, they can do it with anything.”
Top sheriff: America now ruled by ‘oligarchy’

— “It created one new right, homosexual marriage, which will inevitably war against the well-established First Amendment right to freely “exercise” one’s religion.”

The pro-homo people who say “love is love” would support polygamy if they are not hypocrites; no doubt, many of them already do support it.
“My second wife Christine, who I’m not legally married to, she’s put up with my crap for a lot of years. She deserves legitimacy”
WOW: Look Who Just Applied For A Marriage License Days After SCOTUS Ruling

Does this mean SBS is guilty of “incitement to racial hatred”?
It would be funny if the Multiculturalist broadcaster was sued under the Multiculturalist anti free speech laws.
TV show Housos ‘made us throw meat at mosque’

[Drawing of a Norse gravestone, “My great ancestors are not gone. You can find them in my flesh, blood, and soul”: 10330260_576326855806726_2143853287553117847_n]

A little bit of meme humour.

[Meme from Toy Story, with the caption “Look . . . Rebel flags, Rebel flags everywhere. Obama done pissed off the rednecks.”: 11707424_854866391271008_6851013210135202909_n]
[404, item no longer on the net]
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“Seems the Ofreako administration thinks one of these pictures is filled with hate, and racism is sick, demented and must be banned. The other picture is full of love and acceptance and represents our future.”

[Two photos, one of the Dukes of Hazzard cast, one of two nude homosexual men marching in a homosexual parade: 11692589_866421850059813_6183699645754676551_n; 10423726_866421883393143_764366589748267116_n]

Majority of Britons now see Muslims as a threat as terror concerns grow
[“A YouGov poll showed 56 per cent of people currently believe the religion is a danger to Western liberal democracy, rising 10 per cent from the day after the 2005 bombings in London which left 52 dead.”]

European Traditionalism (on Facebook) had this to say:
“The melting pot” is about targeting White people for genocide.
“Diversity” is about targeting White people for genocide.
“Multiculturalism” is about targeting White people for genocide.
“Tolerance” is about targeting White people for genocide.
Anti-Racist is a Code Word for Anti-White.
[Photo of a white child, “Nobody says Africa needs “diversity”. Nobody says Asia needs “diversity”. What is the end goal of “Melting Pots” in ALL & ONLY White countries? Stop white genocide”: 11403049_1048366601847898_7423132182941918589_n]
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— https://www.facebook.com/europeantraditionalism/posts/1600255360263197
[Link to the post with the quote from European Traditionalism (on Facebook)]

Happy 4th of July, USA.

[Picture of a young child (labelled “Next generation”) with an old man, watching 4th of July fireworks. Child: “Hey Grandpa, what are we celebrating?”. Grandpa: “That we were once a free country”.]

Loyalists in Tennessee show that their hearts are true.
Hilarious: Tennessee Residents Greet Barack Hussein Obama Waving Confederate Flags

[Photo of a pistol being held, “Don’t question my decision to own a gun and I won’t question your decision to be defenceless”: 11262102_10153326891525432_4297771243353267449_n]

What?!! Weak-kneed liberals will be the death of us all.
Somalian In Sweden Rapes 12 Year-Old, Gets Community Service

Stay strong. Don’t back down.
“For years, we’ve heard same-sex marriage will not affect anybody,” he said. “I’m here firsthand to tell everyone in America that it has already impacted people. Christians, get ready to take a stand. Get ready for civil disobedience.”
Baker Has a Message for the Gov’t Official Who Just Fined Him $135,000 for Declining a Gay Wedding Cake: ‘He’s Doing This With the Wrong Christian’

— https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nvlTJrNJ5lA
Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers – I Won’t Back Down
[music video]

— The plot thickens.
There’s a Twist in the Story Surrounding Oregon Bakers Who Face a Major Fine for Refusing to Make a Gay Wedding Cake

— The plot thickens even further: “According to emails, Avakian met with Basic Rights Oregon on multiple occasions. … a judge denied the Kleins’ first attempt to disqualify the commissioner for bias … In 2012, Basic Rights Oregon donated almost $8,000 to Avakian’s bid for commissioner. … “The problem with administrative law judges appointed by a government agency is that they have an inherent conflict of interest—the agency is acting as judge, prosecutor, jury, and executioner, which is a basic violation of fundamental due process protections””
Emails Raise Questions of Bias in Case Against Bakers Who Denied Service for Same-Sex Wedding

[Photo of Jamilah Lemieux (of Ebony magazine), “She says “Nothing says let’s go kill some Moslems like country music. Reality: Nothing says let’s go kill some whites and cops like rap “music””: 11214703_842316365864283_3859588876332916104_n]

— http://www.americasfreedomfighters.com/2015/03/26/racist-msnbc-guest-nothing-says-lets-go-kill-some-muslims-like-country-music/
Racist MSNBC guest-“Nothing says let’s go kill some Muslims like country music!”

A personal view about so-called “White privilege”.
A short post; worth reading.

[“Black Privilege, July 4:
Attention all you black people because this is why I started Black Privilege: I was born in the dirt poor Appalachian region. My Dad died when I was 3 years old leaving 8 children. I had to take one biscuit to school and get laughed at while I ate it and was brought up in front of the class one day for taking a lunch to be scorned. I’m glad you had the money to be refused to enter a restaurant because you were blessed to have money. My rag clothes were a source of entertainment for the other kids There were no safety nets in those days. You either did or did without. I was forced to go to work at 14 quitting school for survival washing cars 64 hours a week. I then went to washing dishes. Even rented my own house at 16. Then I graduated to cleaning fish till I was 18. Joining the Army they sent me to War. I didn’t care because I had food. I came home and my Wife and her b/f spent all my money I made there. I had a serious case of too many battles in the War and developed Post Traumatic stress disorder. I then became alcoholic but later quit drinking and worked my way to 4 years of college with 100’s of hours worth of volunteering to get a particular job but I was the wrong race and discriminated against so I had to quit that endeavor. I could go on and on but I did face one form of discrimination growing up . You had to pizz in the in the black toilet while I was blessed to pizz in a White toilet. So cry me a damn river with that White privilege bullshit. That’s why I started Black Privilege.”]

“my opposition to gay marriage (in spite of a wide liberal streak that says they should do as they please) isn’t about brutalising and vilifying gay people; rather, it stems from the need to preserve traditional social values: values that, sadly, seem to break down that little bit more each day, when they are the foundation and the bedrock of our society — and not some arbitrary product of it”
Gay Marriage: No, It Is NOT Time To Legalise Polygamy

[“Sneaking into a country does not make you an immigrant, just as breaking into a house doesn’t make you a homeowner.”: 1896938_429306393869211_710643555_n]

Civic Patriots, always ready to betray White Loyalists.

One of the horrors of backward Third World cultures.
“When we cut your clitoris, you won’t look like a slutty whore anymore”

Anti-gun Democrat “State Sen. Leland Yee has been charged with conspiring to traffic in firearms”. Another hypocrite – just like all of those anti-gun politicians who have bodyguards with guns (apparently it’s ok for guns to be used to protect thier lives, but not yours). ‪
Anti-2nd Amendment gun smuggler, Democrat Leland Yee, headed to prison.

“This order is an outrageous abuse of the rights of the Kleins to freely practice their religion under the First Amendment … It is exactly this kind of oppressive persecution by government officials that led the pilgrims to America.”
Oregon bakers fined, ordered to stay silent about Christian beliefs

Now the Kleins have been ordered by the PC fascist state not to talk about what happened to them.
Oregon imposes gag order on Christian bakers in gay wedding case

Christian couple ordered to pay $135,000 for adhering to their beliefs.‪
Final order! Christian bakers must pay $135,000

— What!!!??? “a fundraiser was set up for the Kleins, but after the account had reached more than $109,000, the GoFundMe site shut it down”

— New fundraising site for the couple:
Help Sweetcakes by melissa

“I’m a firm believer in traditional marriage … Our founding fathers did not intend for the judicial branch to legislate from the bench, and as president, I would appoint strict Constitutional conservatives who will apply the law as written.”
Statement by Gov. Perry on SCOTUS Same-Sex Marriage Ruling

Attack of the transgender prostitutes!
(Sounds like the title of a liberal movie yet to be made).
Somewhere a liberal heart is bleeding over the plight of “transgender prostitutes”; after all, they are all part of the “sexual diversity” we are supposed to embrace.
Ladyboy savagely beats tourist in Thailand with high-heels after he rejects her sexual advances
[And, by the way, despite the title of this article, it’s not a “her”, it’s a “him”.]

Man fired by the anti-homosexual Catholic Church after they find out he is a homo; now he is suing them. Surely he knew that the church was anti-homosexual before he started work there?
In Wake Of Supreme Court Ruling, This Gay Teacher Is Suing Catholic School For Discrimination

[“Progressive Liberalism: The enemy of freedom”: 11034895_10207225486824731_6996302792752082999_n]
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Protesters Burn American Flag In Fort Greene Park; Opponents Rush In
[“A group made good on a plan to burn at least one American flag during a protest in Fort Greene Park in Brooklyn Wednesday night. But dozens of opponents of the protest stepped in and prompted the protesters to scatter.”]

Third Worlders “As much as they don’t like us, they can’t seem to help following us everywhere.”
Ann Coulter Attacked By Screaming Illegals Brandishing Mexican Flags

[Picture of a Confederate flag, with the message “The Dukes of Hazzard has been on TV for 36 years. You weren’t offended until liberals told you to be”: 11666143_10204453916643568_3581377014902080988_n]

View post on imgur.com

[Photo of a person at a homosexual parade, in a rainbow burkha, carrying a placard with the message “Solidarity with Muslim LGBTQ”. Caption for the photo is “Should we tell them? Or just let them figure it out for themselves?”]

Islamic State: Member of Australian charity charged with raising funds for jihadists and recruiting for IS

Alleged ISIS recruiter Hamdi Alqudsi bailed to Minto mosque until end of Ramadan
[also available at: http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/alleged-isis-recruiter-hamdi-alqudsi-bailed-to-minto-mosque-until-end-of-ramadan/story-e6freuy9-1227425867141?from=google_rss]

[Photo of the traditional South African flag, “Our flag apparently ‘offends’ Liberals. We take ‘offence’ to the President’s anthem: “Kill the Boer, Kill the White” . . . . and Liberals are “offended” by our flag! – seriously??? More members of our race, have been murdered since 1994, than was killed in a full scale Vietnam war . . . and Liberals are ‘offended’ by our flag! – seriously?? GENOCIDE offends us.”: 11694794_797507003682000_8814128380214291906_n]

*** 2 July 2015 ***

Peter Harder: Copper Coast council’s boss quit after Rainbow Flag vote
[“A country council boss has admitted he quit his $1million contract in protest over a decision to fly the rainbow flag because it conflicted with his views despite the effect on his family.”]

[Photo of a small child at a homosexual parade being disgusted at the sight of a nude man in front of him, “This is not showing pride. This is showing your dick to a child.”: 11201898_1656293381272726_127495574031581692_n]
[404, item no longer on the net]
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Hours after woman arrested removing Confederate flag in S.C., pro-flag rallies held

[Photo of a leftist burning the US flag, “Burning the American flag doesn’t make you a protester, it makes you an asshole”: 10501948_10152344652907885_5994775613670671711_n]

— https://www.facebook.com/OfficialRightWingNews/photos/a.401034789956656.90394.389658314427637/1071049499621845/
[Photo of a young woman crying over a casket draped with an American flag, “When you stomp on our nation’s flag, you’re also stomping on this one. Still proud of your action? You disgust me, please find another country to call home!”: 11145047_1071049499621845_1849611712764699094_n]
[also at: ]

74 children executed by ISIS for ‘crimes’ that include refusal to fast, report says

The Coulter Effect
by Steve Sailer

Report: Macon Wal-Mart mob wanted to see how much damage it could do
[404, item no longer on the net]
[Article now available at: http://www.macon.com/news/local/crime/article30241674.html]

‘Blame Supremes’ for clash with 1st Amendment

[Picture of a rainbow, “God’s rainbow. “I do set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be for a token of a covenant between me and the Earth”. (Genesis 9:13). Not gay’s. “Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: It is an abomination”. (Leviticus 18:22). This is love speech, not hate speech.”: 1426441_616992501770893_1260824088299615969_n]

[“Q&A with Andrew Bolt. One change that would get conservatives back watching Q&A.”: 11538163_1660790600818518_6394591859990095253_o]

Some non-PC humour.

[Two photos, headed “Same-sex relationship problems”, one of two men leaning together (with a thought bubble saying “Who’s gonna make us sandwiches?”), and one of two women leaning together (with a thought bubble saying “What do we do with all these sandwiches?”): 11709418_703905559715224_6079961307756624551_n]

Children who say homosexuality is ‘wrong’ could be viewed as extremist threat – Education Secretary

Rotherham paedophile gangs are still abusing young girls
[“Exclusive: Gangs of Asian paedophiles are still preying on underage girls in Rotherham, claims a survivor of the abuse”]

Alleged Sydney terror recruiter has bail conditions changed to allow him to live at Mosque during Ramadan

— http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-07-02/hamdi-al-qudsi-allowed-to-live-in-mosque-for-ramadan/6589512
Man accused of recruiting Australians to fight with IS allowed to live in Sydney mosque during Ramadan

Anti-Islamic protest in Queensland after mosque approval

NORWAY: Municipality submits to Islamic supremacism, will allow Muslim Call to Prayer to be blasted

Destruction, possibly encouraged by a close-by camera crew.

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