Western Loyalist on Facebook, 1 July 2015

Western Loyalist on Facebook
1 July 2015
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*** 1 July 2015 ***

An agenda behind the agenda, including the deliberate targeting of conservatives.
“LGBT activists were encouraged to take the offensive against any individual or group that does not agree with their worldview.”
LGBT activists: Marriage was never the ‘end game’
[“So-called “marriage equality” is not the end-game, according to the activists. It’s merely a window through which they will push for other rights, in housing, education, health care, employment and religious practice. An op-ed in the Nation, a left-of-center magazine, provided a playbook for LGBT rights activists . . . activists were encouraged to take the offensive against any individual or group that does not agree with their worldview.”]

The reality is that the homo marriage agenda will undermine our freedoms.
“Simply to say on your own private Facebook page that you believe marriage should be between a man and a woman can result in you losing your job.”‪
This is How Homosexual Marriage Impacts Me

A tale of Canada under the Thought Police.
Yes, legally allowing homo marriages will affect us, as it will lead to even further erosion of our right to free speech
My Father Was Gay. Why I Oppose Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage.

They start the pro-homo propaganda with little children.
Lesbian teacher: How I convince kids to accept gay ‘marriage’, starting at 4 years old

— http://www.huffingtonpost.com/s-bear-bergman/i-have-come-to-indoctrinate-your-children-lgtbq_b_6795152.html
I Have Come to Indoctrinate Your Children Into My LGBTQ Agenda (And I’m Not a Bit Sorry)

They say their views “evolved”, or did they just change their views to court the homo lobby?

[Two photos re. Hillary Clinton, one from 2000, “I think marriage is as a marriage has always been, between a man and a woman”, and one from 26 June 2015, “Proud”: 11699028_890190627717230_5122191933224806248_o]
How Hillary Clinton evolved on gay marriage

— Someone has been busy with Photoshop…

[Photo of Hillary Clinton, edited to make it look like she is eating a baby, “Hillary Clinton, protect your babies while you can”: 11694896_10206917508159189_1388519205739944504_n]

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[Photo of a mob of sheep in rainbow colours, with two wolves in sheep’s clothing at the head of the mob, “Meanwhile on Facebook. .”]

Everyone Who Changed Their Facebook Photos To Rainbow Just Got DUPED
[“Over a million people changed their facebook profile pictures to a rainbow filter in support of gay marriage. New reports reveal that the “Celebrate Pride” tool may not have been the best idea… According to Daily Mail, this tool was actually Facebook’s way of performing psychological testing on their users.”]

NEW YORK TIMES: “Why Do White People Find It So Hard To Talk About Race?” Because The NYT Attacks Us When We Do!

Well worth reading.
“Progressivism, as we’ve seen, is a bubbling cauldron of vile, hideous hatred. They dress it up in vacuous, absurd little symbols and hashtags and bright colors, yet the elites who drive the gay agenda are not out to spread love and happiness, but hostility and suspicion. And the obedient lemmings who blindly conform, with rainbows in their Facebook photos and chanting whatever motto they’ve been assigned, don’t really understand what they’re doing or why they’re doing it.”
Yes, Gay Marriage Hurts Me Personally

““This ruling by the five lawyers is no law at all … It is lawless and must be treated as such.”
Rand Paul: Shut down government’s marriage racket
[“This ruling by the five lawyers is no law at all,” said Mat Staver, chairman of Liberty Counsel, a prominent legal defender of biblical marriage. “It is lawless and must be treated as such.”Multitudes of Americans joined in pledging to not submit to the decision, and Chief Justice John Roberts’ dissenting opinion described it as “five lawyers” shutting down debate and enacting “their own vision of marriage as a matter of constitutional law.”]

— “Christian position on gay marriage”
A detailed explanation of why Christians don’t accept gay marriage

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[Picture of a doctor talking to a patient, “Mrs Wilson, it appears that you’ve died a little inside . . . possibly caused by overexposure to Australian politics”]

Islamic Rape Wave in Norway / Islamsk Voldtekt Epidemien i Norge

Islamic Invasion Of Sweden Has Led To Rape Crisis
British Unity

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[Photo of a young man overlaid with a rainbow effect transparency, “Even though I’m not gay I gave my picture this effect because I want the world to know I’m edgy and hip and I support any cause that the media is currently promoting. I don’t really support anything but when I see other people doing something I do it too cause trendy is cool! Accept me, I’m cool! – The American public”]

Former Greens candidate in Australia “has been charged with grooming a child for sex and having child pornography”.
In Germany, the Greens have been linked to past pedophile policies.
Germany’s Left-Wing Greens: The Party Of Pedophiles?

— http://www.spiegel.de/international/germany/green-party-leader-trittin-admits-to-approving-document-on-pedophilia-a-922442.html
Pedophilia Scandal: Old Document Haunts Green Party Candidate

— http://www.couriermail.com.au/news/breaking-news/germanys-greens-tackle-pedophile-links/story-e6freoo6-1226641634159
Germany’s Greens tackle ‘pedophile links’

— http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/bloggers/3069306/posts
1968 Greens, Reds, Pinks and the Normalisation of Paedophilia

“A FORMER Greens candidate has been charged with grooming a child for sex and having child pornography material after police carried out an online sting. Karel Solomon, a Greens member who contested the 2012 Marrickville local council election”

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— http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/nsw/greens-hit-by-sex-allegation-former-candidate-karel-solomon-in-police-sting/story-fnpn118l-1227424205855
Greens hit by sex allegation: Former candidate Karel Solomon in police sting

HuffPo Article Claims Restroom Signs “Sexist” because Women Do Not Wear Pants in Them
[“The Huffington Post is now claiming that the generic men and women on restroom signs are sexist, saying that women’s restroom symbols are not wearing pants.”]

Professor: White People “Should Commit Mass Suicide”

[Meme photo from The Matrix, “I see you want to ban the Confederate Battle Flag because you find it offensive. What if I told you that millions of Americans find the Rainbow Flag offensive, too?”: 11665554_692745184192855_6420952671672426176_n]

Most Finns against immigration? Good news.
The Last Bastion of the White Race: 90% of Young Finnish People Oppose More Non-White Immigration

[“Why does mass media not report racial hate crimes – black on white? Fact. From 2011 to 2013, 38.5 per cent of people arrested for murder, manslaughter, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault were black. Black Privilege”: 11167915_819958321433421_6659877830801976003_n]

— More items of interest at
[Facebook group “Black Privilege”]

[HuffPost Black Voices page has 381k likes (over 1/3 million). There is not a HuffPost White Voices, why? Black Privilege”: 11099383_821452257950694_5399564128848158455_n]

Further review: Inside police failure to stop Darren Sharper’s rape spree
[“the alleged rapist was Darren Sharper, a hero of the Saints’ 2009 Super Bowl team, former Pro Bowl player and broadcast analyst for the league’s television network.
. . . This was a “heater”— police shorthand for a high profile case. Prosecutors were hesitant to move too quickly on a local football hero with deep pockets and savvy lawyers, according to two individuals with knowledge of the investigation. They held off on an arrest warrant. “If his name was John Brown, he would have been in jail,” one criminal justice official with knowledge of the case said.
. . . In March, Sharper owned up to his savagery. He agreed to plead guilty or no contest to raping or attempting to rape nine women in four states.
. . . Sharper typically chose victims who were white women in their early 20s”]
[and see:
Upon Further Review: Inside the Police Failure to Stop Darren Sharper’s Rape Spree
Darren Sharper, Wikipedia]

[Photo of a bashed-up elderly woman, “Brutally beaten: Nose broken, forehead bashed, arms & chest bloodied. Rampant black on white crimes occur everyday w/o MSM coverage = Black Privilege”: 11180630_821474891281764_5275938787492178174_n]

[longer version is on YouTube:

Kevin Jackson Discusses Removal of the Confederate Flag on the Allman Show
The Black Sphere]

[Photos of Patrick Hampton, “The Confederate flag has confessed it killed 9 people at the church in South Carolina. It will be taken down and into custody. Finally black on black crime will come to an end in Chicago, Baltimore and Detroit and black fathers will return to their baby mamas and take responsibility. It’s a new day in America!”: 11209357_839177012844885_5459131236084825833_n]

[“So … white guy [in] a public street, minding his own business is shot in the back … three “teens” are involved . . . and no mention of race . . . any guesses? Sound familiar?? The usual everyday black mob-on-lone white crime in the US . . . Anyone hear of this murder? Any protests? Any of the race pimp cockroaches marching? Making demands for this type of crime to stop? Is the news media flooding your TV with the story?? Oh, I know . . . “the police made arrests, no need for outrage” cry the usual black deniers and the white guilt ridden . . .”: 1901435_839193669509886_49018524712184422_n]

“Leftists are currently purging the Confederate flag because its association with slavery, but given that “logic,” shouldn’t they also be calling for Obama’s resignation since he too has a historical link to slavery?”
BOMBSHELL: Obama’s Family Owned SLAVES… Spread This Like WILDFIRE!

[Photo of an older black man holding a Confederate flag. A young black man gives his views on the Confederate flag.: 1656023_10206264202460467_3697388419358967494_n]

The “BLACK-Privilege” page commented on this:
“Death threats from blacks toward Whites aren’t against community standards=black privilege.”

[Screenshot of a post reported to Facebook re. anti-white racism and incitement to murder white people (Israel Machaba says “Thatz y i like mugabe robert . . . we mst start killing white here in south africa. . . .”); the Facebook reply was that such a post was acceptable (“We reviewed the comment you reported for containing hate speech or symbols and found it doesn’t violate our Community Standards”): 10154188_1675693722649989_5121889804321866097_n]

[Video of a black man giving his views on the Confederate flag debate and its irrelevance to the issues of black homicides and black-on-black violence]

“It’s not hate, it’s history…and the people that are making it a racial issue are pushing an agenda.”
Alabama flag company begins Confederate flag production in-store, over 1,000 sold on first day

[“Black Power – “Good”. White Power – “Evil” = Black Privilege”: 17708_808820735880513_2516413281458549664_n]

[Photo of two black women, “Teach ya posse ’bout Freedom Boat”: 11406586_1611391405815918_1577748368376741029_o]

[Photo of the pyramids in Egypt, “When will we take down these monuments of slavery?”: 10665717_1010162112336672_4954568159130670901_n]

— https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1607944106151734&set=p.1607944106151734
[Photo of the pyramids in Egypt, “We should remove the oldest symbol of slavery in history . . . said no one ever”: 11225242_1607944106151734_6445625950505216962_o]

[Photo (security camera photo?) of a black male standing over the body of a white male on the ground, “Racially targets & savagely attacks an innocent man. Media protects the violent predator, referring to it as a “youth”, “teen”, no mention of race = Black Privilege”: 11146473_840125279416725_8335586537816066779_n]

[Photo of Malik Zulu Shabazz, “Announces threat to kill every last white man and kill their families. Freedom to incite mass murder = Black Privilege”: 11665435_840890062673580_1665592963339376660_n]
[see also:
Black Panther Tells Crowd Of 200 In Charleston: “Kill Every Last [White Man] And Kill All Of Their Goddamn Families”]

First they came for the Confederate flag, then they…
Group To Burn American Flags Tomorrow In Brooklyn Park

— http://www.thepoliticalinsider.com/activists-promote-event-to-burn-american-flags/
Outrage Alert! Activists Promote Event to Burn American Flags

“The Confederate flag is no longer flying over Fort Sumter.”
Park Service Permanently Removes Confederate Flags From Fort Sumter, Site Where South Fired First Shots Of Civil War

Hmmmm. Well there’s a thought. Should the “evil” whites have their own homelands? To save all the other races, of course.

[“If whites are so evil, wouldn’t segregation benefit blacks and whites? Let’s re-establish segregation.”: ]

You can sometimes see little rainbows in the mist of a stream of water being sprayed.
Wonder if there was a rainbow in this one?

[Video of a protester, waving a rainbow flag, who gets knocked off his feet by a water cannon]

Anti-white nut.
‘Whiteness Is Terror,’ University of Memphis Professor Preaches

— http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2015/jun/30/zandria-robinson-univ-of-memphis-professor-whitene/
University of Memphis professor: ‘Whiteness is most certainly and inevitably terror’

— http://studentactivism.net/2015/06/30/black-sociology-prof-fired-for-tweets-about-confederate-flag-white-supremacy/
Black Sociology Prof Who Tweeted About Confederate Flag, White Supremacy Out at U of Memphis
[article title shown on Facebook as: “Black Sociology Prof Fired For Tweets About Confederate Flag, White Supremacy”]

Are the liberal types going to attack the Native Americans as “bigots” and “haters”?
Or will they get special treatment, not given to white people?
Good on them, for sticking to their traditions.
Native Americans Say “No” to Gay Marriage

— http://cnsnews.com/news/article/kathleen-brown/11-native-american-tribes-including-two-largest-prohibit-gay-marriage
11 Native American Tribes, Including The Two Largest, Prohibit Gay Marriage

Another article on this topic was posted here, but here’s a different one:
First Ever Ginger Pride Festival In England To Happen In 2016

— http://patch.com/illinois/lakeforest/festival-redheads-planned-chicagos-north-shore
A Festival of Redheads Planned for Chicago’s North Shore

— A Festival of Redheads Planned for Chicago’s North Shore
Redheads rejoice! Ginger people finally have their own emoji after ‘an international outcry’

Europe Terror Threat: France Deports 40 Imams For ‘Preaching Hatred,’ Interior Minister Says

Khaled Sharrouf’s mother-in-law Karen Nettleton ‘devastated’ after seeing photo of grandson holding severed head in Syria

[Photo of Barack Obama , ““I believe that marriage is the union between a man and a woman. Now, for me as a Christian, it’s also a sacred union. God’s in the mix.” – Barack Obama, April 17, 2008”: 11665572_391682994353795_8196979623368349788_n]
[also at: ]

— https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJhQBZ1La0w
Obama @ Saddleback Church -Defines Marriage

[Picture of the Devil with a rainbow transparency overlaid, “I am very pleased”: 11403089_10204303301691998_952200144580319293_n]
[also at: ]

If you think this is normal, maybe you’ve misunderstood what “normal” is.

[Photo of men in corsets and underwear at a homosexual parade. Text underneath says “So THIS is why Obama had rainbow colored lights shining on our White House. It’s not funny anymore. It’s just plain SICK and so is Obama.”: 10403096_10205458790961682_3041716781909547846_n]

— https://www.facebook.com/740745736021347/photos/a.740748916021029.1073741827.740745736021347/840787386017181/
[Photo of near-naked men at a homosexual parade, “Say hello to more of Obama’s ‘fundamental transformation’.”: 11403028_840787386017181_4890036725643689927_n]

[“Never apologise for being white”: 11350490_851315418271735_5775327319194070985_n]

Burglar breaks in, family saved from violence by defensive use of firearm. If they did not have a gun, they could have been bashed or murdered by the intruder (as many people have been).
When Home Intruder Got Aggressive, Elderly Disabled Man Told His Grandson Exactly What He Needed to Do

Interesting question posed here.
Changing Your Facebook Picture Could Have Just Been A Big Experiment

Leftist propaganda being pushed in schools.
Greens infiltrate the classroom
[article also available at: http://hotcopper.com.au/threads/greens-infiltrate-the-classroom.2545349/]

The media mostly publishes Globalist PR.

[Handwritten placard with the message “Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed. Everything else is public relations. – George Orwell”]

Is this one of the rainbow people now infesting Facebook?

[Photo of an obese woman in a somewhat revealing rainbow costume.]

A brief item on the Nanny State in Australia.
Opinion: Too many rules play us for fools

[“ABC’s ingredients for a balanced Q&A show . . .
1: Add 1 leftist host
2: Add 4 leftist panelists
3: Add 1 conservative (to give the perception of a balanced panel)
4: (The most important ingredient) add an entire leftist audience that claps on cue to leftist answers and claim 40% or so are conservative.
5: Cut short any conservative answers.”: 10530724_1660150574215854_6986325623375171862_n]

[Drawing of three men bashing a body (with a rainbow shirt) on the ground with Bibles (“What the media tell you is happening”), and a drawing of three men bashing a body on the ground with rainbow books (“What is actually happening”): 11707667_955655154491915_2594775629164160635_n]

[“What would you want for your children? This?” (Photo of a mixed race couple and a homosexual couple) “Or this!!!!” (photo of a white family): 11540923_833723873381455_1327055806119781328_n]

Coalition MPs back gay marriage bill
[“A cross-party band of MPs have jointly drafted a marriage equality bill that will specifically exempt “ministers” and “chaplains” of religion from being forced to conduct same-sex wedding ceremonies.”]
[same or similar article available at:
Same-sex marriage bill with cross-party support to go before Parliament]

“The Ten Commandments monument at Oklahoma’s state Capitol must be taken down because it benefits Christian and Jewish faiths, the state Supreme Court ruled.”
No, it’s not April Fool’s Day; although, for liberals, every day is April Fool’s Day – and the joke’s on us!
Court: 10 Commandments Monument Must Come Down at Okla. Capitol

[404, item no longer on the net]
[article title shown on Facebook as: “Black mob violence on motorcycles. All over the country”]

A promo for this video said “If you ever wondered where black people get the idea it is OK to create this kind of mayhem, then you need to watch this video”.

[404, item no longer on the net]
[article title shown on Facebook as: “Wal-mart: Black mob violence. And more”]

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