Western Loyalist on Facebook, 17 June 2015 to 18 June 2015

Western Loyalist on Facebook
17 June 2015 to 18 June 2015
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*** 18 June 2015 ***

“in August 2011, Soeren Kern at the Hudson Institute documented the proliferation of such no-go zones throughout Europe – autonomous Islamic “microstates” under Sharia rule (having rejected their host countries’ legal systems), where non-Muslims must either conform to the cultural, legal, and religious norms of fundamentalist Islam or expect to be greeted with violence.”
Muslims’ refusal to assimilate into European culture

— “In France, there were some 751 so-called Sensitive Urban Zones (ZUS) as of August 2011.” For reference, article links to a French language page; but even if you don’t read French, you can still get the drift by looking at the long list:
Atlas des Zones urbaines sensibles (Zus)

[see also: http://conservativepapers.com/news/2011/02/24/the-no-go-rape-zones-of-france-751-and-counting/
The No-Go Rape Zones of France: 751 and Counting

“Le nombre des zones urbaines sensibles par departement en 2004” (“The number of Sensitive Urban Zones by Department in 2004”)]

The number of Black murderers in the USA is disproportionately high. A young Australian man, Chris Lane, is dead because of multiracialism. The West cannot survive if its nations are multiracial.

[Photo of black murderer]
Teen who murdered Australian Chris Lane sentenced to life without parole
[404, item no longer on the net]

Islamic billboard says “Muhammad believed in peace”?
What an outright lie that is
Clear Channel runs ad praising Muhammad, refuses ad criticizing Muhammad
[Photo of the billboard: ]

*** 17 June 2015 ***

PC hairdresser has banned anyone who he says is “racist, sexist, homophobic”. But he banned “a**holes” as well – looks like he won’t be able to go to work anymore (since he just banned himself).
Welsh hairdresser bans bigots after customer refuses to let gay stylist cut his son’s hair

Some straight talking from Obama (no, not the guy in the White House).
‘Let’s face it: we’re in over our heads. We need the white folks to come back.’
[“it’s time for Cameroon to shed its duplicity and hypocrisy because today, more than ever before, we need foreigners to help us resolve the many problems we face. Let’s say it loud and clear. Enough with the silence in which we shroud what the people already know: that we need all the outside help we can get.”]

If you feel like you want to be Black, then does that makes you Black? If a tree thinks it’s a rock, is it stupid – or is our PC society stupid for telling us that reality doesn’t matter, only “feelings” do?
Rachel Dolezal not only thinks she’s born into wrong race, she has everyone believing it … including the NAACP

— http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/rachel-dolezal-nbc-no-biological-803019
Rachel Dolezal to NBC: “No Biological Proof” My White Parents Gave Birth to Me

— Really?
MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry: Despite white parents, Rachel Dolezal may be black

Extremist Islamists recruiting suicide bombers for the Middle East. And when will they be aimed at Europe? (Once again, that is).
The baby-faced suicide bomber: Pictured celebrating the end of his GCSEs, the Yorkshire schoolboy who went to Iraq to blow himself up in the name of ISIS

“While most of the world refuses to acknowledge what is happening in largely communist-controlled South Africa, the non-profit group Genocide Watch declared last month that preparations for genocidal atrocities against white South African farmers were underway and that the early phases of genocide had possibly already begun.”
South Africa Facing White Genocide, Total Communist Takeover

“This is all about protecting a minority group’s feelings, enforcing the social acceptance of a high-risk lifestyle, and using the coercive powers of Big Brother to implement their totalist agenda.”
Homosexual Sharia In Action

Liberalism: Beyond boundaries, beyond common sense.

[Photos of four people and the labels given to them: Rachel Dolezal (“black”), Elizabeth Warren (native American”), Bruce Jenner (“female”), George Zimmerman (“white”) – “Liberalism”: 11407065_883072601762366_3926921255513515246_n]

Strange people undermining the West with anti-traditional agendas.

[“Children at Gay Pride parades are exposed to nudity and lewd acts and are sexually exploited”: 11425065_648578405277772_889845086888122740_n]

One rule for Whites, another for Maoris.
“Documents leaked to ONE News show … all Maori drivers caught without a licence or in breach of their conditions are to be referred for training and not given a ticket.”
Exclusive: Police told not to ticket unlicenced Maori drivers in South Auckland

[profile picture, “Made with Western Culture”: 11406803_482317318597427_6306570613692970765_n]

“White Australia must not be regarded as a mere political shibboleth. It was Australia’s Magna Carta. Without that policy, this country would have been lost long ere this. It would have been engulfed in an Asian tidal wave.”
White Australia saved Australia, by Jack Lang

“As far as I am concerned, the objection I have to the mixing of these coloured people with the white people of Australia — although I admit it is to a large extent tinged with considerations of an industrial nature — lies in the main in the possibility and probability of racial contamination.”
Chris Watson, Australian Prime Minister, working-class champion of a White Australia

“We must be mad, literally mad, as a nation to be permitting the annual inflow of some 50,000 dependants, who are for the most part the material of the future growth of the immigrant-descended population. It is like watching a nation busily engaged in heaping up its own funeral pyre. … As I look ahead, I am filled with foreboding; like the Roman, I seem to see the River Tiber foaming with much blood.”
Enoch Powell’s “Rivers of Blood speech”

A slogan often used during his lifetime was “Enoch Powell Was Right”
[A badge with the message “Enoch Powell Was Right”]

“Too often today, people are ready to tell us, this is not possible, that is not possible. I say, whatever the true interest of our country calls for is always possible. We have nothing to fear but our own doubts.”
Enoch Powell: Intellectual, patriot, and prophet

“We here find ourselves touching the profoundest instinct of individual or nation — the instinct of self-preservation . . . No motive power operated more universally on this continent or in the beautiful island of Tasmania . . . than the desire that we should be one people; and remain one people without the admixture of other races.”
Alfred Deakin, Australian Prime Minister, builder of the White Australia policy

Barton worked hard to enable the introduction of the White Australia policy, even though he had to deal with some limitations which Australia’s colonial status had forced upon him; he was at one time described as “the champion of a White Australia”.
Edmund Barton, Australian Prime Minister, champion of a White Australia

During Churchill’s Prime Ministership, Harold Macmillan (who was Minister of Defence at the time, and later Prime Minister) noted in his diary entry for 20 January 1955, “More discussion about the West Indian immigrants. A Bill is being drafted — but it’s not an easy problem. P.M. thinks ‘Keep England White’ a good slogan!”
Winston Churchill, British Prime Minister, wanted to “Keep England White”

“In today’s climate of globalism, multiculturalism, and political correctness, in concert with the pushing of anti-nationalism and rampant anti-traditionalism, it is more important than ever to declare loyalty to one’s nation, culture, and way of life.”
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