Cronulla backlash [by Andrew Phillips]

By Andrew Phillips, 12th December 2005

As one could expect, the media and multicultural lobby have come out in force condemning their own in hysterical emotive diatribes — completely ignoring the reality of what has happened in the Sydney beachside suburbs.

Naturally I do not condone attacks on law enforcers and even less attacks upon our ambulance and emergency services. These people have a difficult task to perform at the best of times and should be considered neutral in all situations.

However, the fact is that such an event was inevitable — despite the endless campaigns by the chattering classes to convince Australians they are limp-wristed sycophants who will roll over and accomodate any parasite wanting to take a bite.

Australians have had to put up with pack rapes by thugs and perverts originating from the Middle East, gang violence and anti-Australian sermons preached by the leaders of Islamic communities around the country. How long did they think Australians would sit quietly and allow this situation to continue?

Opponents of the events, while continually taking a confused line on the causes of the Sydney riots (from Howard’s claim it’s not an indication of racial tension but merely a law and order issue, to local government claims that we have to put the lid back on it and carry on with our trip to multi-cultural paradise), both parties have one common ground — ITS THE FAULT OF THOSE DRUNKEN WHITE AUSSIE YOBS.

No, the exhibition of lawlessness witnessed in Sydney was not their fault — it was a reaction by frustrated, disfranchised young Australians who clearly feel they are seen as second class citizens in their own land. Little condemnation coming from the media towards the Middle Eastern thugs who took little time in copying the tactics used by their racial brethren in France by taking to the streets of their host country with weapons and destroying as many vehicles as they could lay their hands on, assaulting Australian middle-aged women and threatening young Australian women with rape — while stabbing a local man for displaying some sense of chivalry after his attempts to defend the young ladies against these threats.

No-one condones lawlessness, but this situation was inevitable and if blame is to be laid anywhere — it is at the feet of our spineless politicians and the pathetic lap dogs who claim to be the media in this country, those same people who perpetuate the lie that multiculturalism is working and Australians have no right to dictate who is welcome into their homeland.

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