Rann and Howard betray Australian security [by Andrew Phillips]

By Andrew Phillips, 16th April 2006

The lack of interest shown by political leaders on both sides of politics towards the national interest has come to the fore in the wake of the recent uranium deals with the Communist Mainland government of China.

Both “Yellow Cake” Mike Rann and “Kowtow Johnny” Howard have clamoured frantically to ingratiate themselves to one of the most despicable regimes in living memory, conveniently overlooking the record on human rights possessed by this regional superpower and the obvious desire for domination constantly displayed by this power hungry nation.

Clearly, this displays a wanton disregard for Australia’s national interest and regional security in our part of the world.

China continues to rattle the sabre across the Taiwan Strait threatening Taipei with military action. It’s human rights records within it’s own borders go without mention (and all the unwashed Marxists who continue to use the Easter weekend to protest the so-called terrible conditions in our detention centres conveniently ignore the tactics used by their own political brethren; HYPOCRITES), the Communist mainland is responsible for the murder of 50,000 Mongols (with an estimated 282,000 unaccounted) and the deaths of 1 million Tibetans.

China’s insatiable desire for regional domination is also displayed in more subtle ways. The country has recently offered low interest loans to nations in our region in order to gain an influence in their internal affairs and to ensure these countries do not recognise the legitimacy of the Taipei government.

China continues to undercut our nation’s manufacturing sector, resulting in continued job losses for Australian workers. Those positions the Chinese cannot lure to their own shores are not secure for our people. In the wake of Kowtow Johnny’s I.R. reforms, China still manages to flood our labour market with their cheap labour (e.g. T&R Pastoral, Murray Bridge S.A.) and our workers have no defence, save the half-hearted bleating of the toothless union movement.

What are our governments doing continuing to support and feed such a despicable blight on our region? Clearly neither the ALP nor the Liberal Party can be relied upon to defend the national interest in anyway. The first sign of belligerence from any of our neighbours and both parties clamour to appease the offended regime, regardless of the price to be paid by our own people or the unfortunate minority groups in the region.

Australians must recognise these spineless sycophants for the danger they are — and treat them accordingly, before it’s too late.Andrew Phillips

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