Leftists causing problems for people in bushfire areas

Watermelon Flames, 900x900The neo-communist scum at it again.

At a time when the police are throwing as many resources as they can spare into helping manage problems around bushfire areas, Leftist climate doomsayers have arranged to have a big demonstration in Melbourne — the obvious effect being that police will have to divert resources away from fire-affected areas.

The police in Melbourne have been sending cops up to bushfire areas to help evacuate people, deal with life-threatening situations, assist with getting people into safe areas, and so forth.

Having to divert police resources away from the fire-affected areas means that bushfire victims are going to have a harder time.

The Lefty demo is expected to consist of about 5000 protesters. About 200 police will be needed to handle a crowd of that size, to divert traffic, stop any problems, etc.

The police have asked the Leftist organisers to hold off on the rally, but their request was refused.

These scummy Cultural Marxists have no shame. This is typical of these sorts of people.

Supposedly the Leftist demonstration is to demand more funding for firefighters — as if that isn’t going to happen anyway, due to the obvious problems these bushfires have exposed — and to campaign for more renewable energy sources, with a healthy dose of climate alarmist propaganda thrown in. In fact, if you look at the organising page for the rally on Facebook, the headline graphic shows that their main desire is to sack Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

Their “demands” are as follows:

“We demand the government
– Pay all firefighters and give the force full funding.
– Provide genuine relief and aid for affected communities
– Begin the immediate rapid transition away from fossil fuels.
– Sack Scomo!”

Screenshot from the organising page on Facebook

Screenshot from the organising page on Facebook

Screenshot from the organising page on Facebook

Screenshot from the organising page on Facebook

These neo-communists are pretending to care for people in the country, when in fact they know that most country people are culturally conservative and can’t stand communists and their fellow-travellers.

The real reason the commies are gathering is because, as usual, they want to “stick it to the man”, and create as many problems as possible, whenever and wherever they can. However, the main practical purpose of their rally is to grab publicity and attract recruits.

Truly, the radical Left are nothing but scum, who are a scourge upon our people.

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