Homosexual Indonesian serial rapist ruins hundreds of English lives

Homosexual serial rapist Reynhard Sinaga, as a student

Homosexual serial rapist Reynhard Sinaga, as a student

Rapes being committed by Third Worlders happen all the time in Western countries (thanks to Third World immigration brought about by bleeding-heart traitor politicians), but here’s a case with a twist (actually, there’s about 195 cases). It is believed to be the worst example of serial rapes known to police in the Western world.

Homosexual pervert Reynhard Sinaga, from Indonesia, is believed to have raped at least 195 men in England between 2007 and 2017. He gained access to the country on a student visa (again, thanks go to the bleeding-heart traitor politicians), entering England in 2007, and being funded by his rich Indonesian family as a perpetual student.

Sinaga was working on a PhD entitled “Sexuality and everyday transnationalism: South Asian gay and bisexual men in Manchester” (you know, the typical wanky crap that Leftists go to university for, to write up doctoral theses which are of no use in the real world — which, come to think of it, pretty much describes Leftists in general).

Appearing friendly, he would offer to help drunk men outside nightclubs in Manchester, offering them a place to sleep for the night, or else enticing them back to his place for a few drinks. In one case, he found a young man who couldn’t get a taxi and whose phone had run out of charge, so he said the victim could go into his flat to recharge his phone. Another victim had been invited into the flat so that he could wait for his girlfriend out of the cold. Being slight of build, like many men from South-East Asia, his victims didn’t regard Sinaga as a threat (but they didn’t bank on being stabbed in the back, so to speak).

Once he got his victim back to his flat, Sinaga would give his target a drink, which he had drugged (probably using GHB, the “date rape” drug). Then, when his victims were unconscious, he would rape them; sometimes the rapes went on for hours (one continued over a period of eight hours). When they woke up, his victims felt ill and disorientated; some of them were covered in their own vomit (from the drugs) and even naked (that was explained away by being told that the clothes were contaminated with vomit, so had been removed to be washed). Sinaga had a standard line, for those whose memory had gone, that he had found them lying unconscious in the street, so he had helped them back to his flat.

After the men left his flat, Sinaga enjoyed stalking them on Facebook, no doubt having a little laugh at their expense. Police were able to trace some of the victims because the rapist had kept screenshots of their social media pages — and sometimes had even kept driving licences, bank cards, other ID, and even phones, as “trophies” of his sick exploits.

Luckily for police prosecutors, Sinaga was so creepy that he actually used his phone to film a lot of his rapes, so — when he was finally caught — the evidence against him was overwhelming.

The only reason this pervert was caught was because one of his victims woke up whilst he was being raped (perhaps he hadn’t drunk enough of the drug), managed to fight off the homo rapist, dash out of the flat (which was no mean feat, given the drugs still in his system), and then alert the police.

It turned out that the victim had the pervert’s phone in his pant’s pocket (he wasn’t sure how it got there, although it has been theorised that the rapist may have accidentally put the phone into the pocket of the wrong pair of pants after undressing himself and his victim for the act of rape). However, the phone was security-locked.

When the police got to the flat, they found Sinaga unconscious and bruised — so they charged the teenage rape victim with assault (freaking typical, so many cops nowadays are grossly incompetent or stupid). Perhaps the police have been too busy running around investigating people for being politically incorrect on Facebook, and Twitter, so they haven’t had enough time to be trained to deal with actual real crimes.

However, at least one copper was on the ball. When Sinaga was in hospital he was desperate to get his phone back, so much so that his attitude seemed a bit suspicious, and the cop seized the phone as evidence; Sinaga finally gave him the PIN number to unlock it, but then tried to grab it from the policeman.

When the police looked at Sinaga’s phone, they found videos of several rapes. After they searched the flat for other electronic devices, they discovered 800 videos of rapes, as part of 3.29 terabytes of graphic material — to put that into perspective, that’s approximately equivalent to 250 DVDs. That’s crazy (but, then again, Sinaga was obviously a nutjob).

The vast majority of the poor rape victims were heterosexual men, usually young students. Apparently Sinaga got off on the thought of raping heterosexuals. The creepy homosexual rapist even boasted to his friends about his rapes. In a text message to his friends, he laughed about one of his victims: “I met him in the Factory [a nearby bar]. Straight, 22, playing football. He was straight in 2014. 2015 is his breakthrough to the gay world hahaha”.

Homosexual serial rapist Reynhard Sinaga

Homosexual serial rapist Reynhard Sinaga

After the trial had finished, prosecutor Ian Rushton said that Sinaga was “the most prolific rapist in British legal history”, possibly “in the world”, and his assessment was that Sinaga took “a particular pleasure in preying on heterosexual men”.

As it turned out, some of his victims didn’t even know that they’d been raped (which seems odd, but possibly Sinaga had a very small penis, not uncommon with South-East Asian men, which would explain why some of his victims would be unaware when they finally regained consciousness).

However, many of his victims were quite aware that they’d been homosexually raped. At least two of his victims had attempted suicide, others turned to drugs or alcohol, whilst many were wracked with feelings of powerlessness, humiliation, embarrassment and shame, with some suffering flashbacks and the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Many of the victims didn’t want to undergo the trauma of a trial. At least 70 of the filmed victims have not been identified by the police.

Although Sinaga was charged with 48 rapes, the police have evidence that he raped 195 men altogether (of course, there may be many more, if he didn’t film all of his victims). He was sentenced to life in prison, but it has been reported that he “will serve a minimum of 30 years before being considered for release”, so it is possible that he could get out in his sixties (which isn’t too old to start serial raping anew). In a just world, he would stay in prison until he died, or — better yet — be sent to the hangman.

The full extent of the hundreds of lives ruined by this evil Third World homosexual pervert will never be known. The question has even been raised as to whether he might have killed some men by accidentally giving them too much GHB — it is only a possibility, but one has to wonder. A killer could easily get rid of a body by pushing it into one of Manchester’s canals (which run through the middle of the city). Coincidentally, there have been 77 dead bodies found in Manchester’s canals in the previous eleven years, mostly young men.

It’s a shame that Sinaga was able to get away with his evil for so long.

Sinaga was a committed new-style “rainbow Christian”, i.e. not a Christian at all, but one who commits to the trappings of the religion, whilst ignoring its principles. He regularly attended a “liberal” Anglican church which was situated about a mile away from his flat. At that new-style church he met two older homosexual men, whom he referred to as his “gay parents”. The anti-traditionalists of that church must be so proud.

Anti-traditionalist activists want us all to celebrate and support homosexuality and Third World immigration, so this should be a great case for them — what a shining example of the benefits of sexual deviance and racial diversity.

The Establishment wants to bring in even more Third Worlders, and to fund even more homosexual happenings — because, just like Reynhard Sinaga, the Establishment are a bunch of sick fucks.

We don’t need to celebrate perversions and deviancy, whether it be homosexuality, bestiality, necrophilia, or whatever. Our society would be far better off if we didn’t pander to poofs, ponces and nancy boys. The next time some Leftist do-gooders suggest that you “celebrate diversity”, or cheer on a “gay” Mardi Gras, just tell them to “Bugger off!”

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