Western Loyalist on Facebook, 25 June 2015

Western Loyalist on Facebook
25 June 2015
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*** 25 June 2015 ***

‘Finish the mission, kill slave masters’
[“The New Black Panther leader whose party at one point offered a $10,000 reward for George Zimmerman, “dead or alive,” before Zimmerman was acquitted of all charges in Trayvon Martin’s death now is rhapsodizing about the possibility of violence against “slave masters” in connection with the murders of nine people at a church in Charleston, South Carolina.
At a rally there on Tuesday, Malik Zulu Shabazz called for the completion of the mission of Denmark Vesey, a slave who strategized to kill slave masters nearly two centuries ago when the church where the nine were murdered was being founded.”]

— https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mri2ZtPosvU
Malik Shabazz Calls On Charleston Crowd To Finish “Mission” Killing “Slave Masters”
Lee Stranahan

[Cartoon of two old people watching TV, but the TV (with “ABC” on the screen) has fall onto the floor to their left, the old woman says “That channel’s been leaning so far left that was bound to happen”: 11666307_476924369152035_5897341506037613402_n]

Article from an anti-White goofball; shouts “racist” and “traitor”, but when you read the article you very quickly realise that it is he who is the racist and traitor.
As the modern saying goes, “Haters gonna hate”. This fool says “I hate” [various things] seven times in the article – typical hypocritical liberal idiot, so full of hate.
The world could do without anti-White racists like him.
View at Medium.com
Yes, you’re a racist… and a traitor.

BREAKING: Tens of Thousands Are “Liking” What Cooter from Dukes of Hazzard Just Said

— http://conservativetribune.com/liberals-plan-explodes/
BACKFIRE: Liberals’ Plan to Ban the Confederate Flag Explodes in Their Faces

Professor of Beyonce gets away with anti-White tweets

Appeasement-mongers apologise for being White. Idiots, if not traitors.
Norway apologizes for ”chalk-white” national team

Letter from London.
[“I’m Anglo Indian (mum is Indian, dad is English) . . . I was frequently bullied (mostly verbal and sometimes physically) for being Indian and English. i was called ‘paki’, ‘half breed’ ‘mongrel’. or call my dad on some occasions ‘pig’ ‘devil’. some of the perpetrators were white but the majority of the ‘gangs’ or ‘clicks’ and bullies were black (of Nigerian, Ghanaian, Afro Caribbean descent). . . . There is no doubt, that although blacks do commit crimes on other blacks that they perpetrate, target other races specifically. . . . The media seem to bury the truth of these matters to promote diversity and racial harmony. . . . The crime rate is much more proportionally higher for the black community. This has all been buried for the sake of political correctness.”]

Worth a look at:
[White Girl Bleed A Lot site]

Hillary Clinton Chides America For Racism, Lives In Town With 1.9 Percent Black Population

[“First they came for the Confederate flag, now they’re coming for Thomas Jefferson”: 1743600_1038163516195905_2397000415364818949_n]

— http://www.wnd.com/2015/06/jefferson-memorial-to-be-removed/
Jefferson Memorial to be removed?

White-on-black crime: Cue the stats
Ann Coulter

Here is a Facebook page worth having a look at:
[White Girl Bleed A Lot]

— Win a FREE Autographed copy of Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry –

Disturbing video of a white woman (holding her baby) being attacked by blacks, as blacks film and laugh at the attack.
(Watch the spectator Black in the blue top jumping around in glee near the end of the video.)

[Text underneath the video: “Life in Obama’s America. Disturbing video of a white woman (holding her baby) being attacked by blacks, as blacks film and laugh at the attack.”]

— Some people are scum.

— http://butthatsnoneofmybusiness.com/girl-arrested-after-video-shows-graphic-fight-and-a-baby-being-injured-at-indianapolis-park/
Warrant Issued for Teen Girl Filmed in Viral Beating
[article title shown on Facebook as: “Girl arrested after video shows graphic fight at Indianapolis park”]

— The photo of the baby is not related to the incident. –

— https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NdS-wI4srkY
[404, item no longer on the net]

Looks like there is a backlash brewing.

[Photo of a Rainbow flag, “This flag represents hate and taking away freedom of speech from anyone who doesn’t support the LGBT community. Ban this flag now!!!”: 11411674_614428338693976_9153390905147755538_o]

Whites projected to become a US minority

— https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10153405641234347&set=p.10153405641234347
[Meme of Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka, “Tell me again how White genocide isn’t real”: 11403280_10153405641234347_2089497114311972429_n]

This is yet another assault on White people. Southern US Whites are not allowed to have any regional/ethnic pride.
Warner Bros. to remove Confederate Flag from Dukes of Hazzard car

— http://www.breitbart.com/big-hollywood/2015/06/24/iconic-dukes-of-hazzard-car-to-lose-confederate-flag/
Iconic ‘Dukes Of Hazzard’ car to lose its Confederate Flag

— http://countrymusicnation.com/confederate-flag-to-be-removed-from-iconic-dukes-of-hazzard-car-57870
Confederate Flag To Be Removed From Iconic Dukes Of Hazzard Car

The anti-traditionalists are determined to wreck the West.
Is teaching Christian morals child abuse?

[“Racist: A white person who thinks it’s okay for white people to exist”: 11063469_460404670800943_5950257144634830935_n]

[Meme photo of a black child looking askance at an adult woman, “A crazy guy shoots up a church and you ban a flag. People stomp on the American flag and you say it’s their right? That’s a special kind of stupid”: 11071147_887321031337523_7123300275559083382_n]

Professors: US flag symbolizes racism, should not be displayed on campus

— http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2015/06/23/take-down-the-fascist-anti-christian-gay-pride-flag/
Take down the fascist, anti-Christian gay-pride flag

View post on imgur.com

[Cartoon of an Arab terrorist showing his support for the ABC’s “Q&A” show: http://i.imgur.com/0yRJJrI.jpg]

[Satirically edited photo of the ABC’s leftist show “Q&A”, with various terrorists appearing on the panel: 1896973_857956190906272_5769494760255847114_n]

— https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10153396304876336
[Drawing of Tony Jones, host of the ABC’s leftist “Q&A” show, “Your ABC? Ha. It’s my leftard soapbox”: 11403166_10153396304876336_1208403139514377742_n]
[also at: ]

[Photo of Hispanic gang members with guns, “Dawg they passed a law, where do we turn these in at?”: 1560545_10153198470001284_3084006581342836084_n]

More Violence To Come – Are You Prepared?
[Article re. South Africa]

Looks like an interesting site.

Just for a laugh…

[Picture of a Tylenol bottle, with a satirical news report, “BREAKING NEWS: The state of South Carolina is banning the sale of Tylenol & other OTC medications that use cotton in their bottles for fear of perpetuating slavery by making people pick it out.”: 19019_838470212889392_4083239622593660001_n]
[404, item no longer on the net]
[also at: ]

[Photo of Confederate flags in a field, “Like and share if you support the Confederate flag”: 11403060_485463311616161_3707123284532476921_n]

— https://www.facebook.com/GunPornAndAwesomeStuff/photos/a.257737441032486.1073741827.179863728819858/548036722002555/
[Photo of a gun adorned with a Confederate flag, “Share this gun just to piss off a liberal!”:1962809_548036722002555_8110085549760924442_n]

— https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=703089116501493&set=pcb.703093143167757
[Black musician wearing Confederate flags on clothes on stage: 11113568_703089116501493_8741163789416124918_n]

— http://www.wnd.com/2015/06/conservative-pundit-forget-flag-dems-real-racists/
Coulter: Ban Democrats instead of Confederate flag
[“If we want to do something nice for black people, how about ending immigration”]

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