Alessandra Mussolini bites back at transgender politician

Alessandra Mussolini, when she was a model

Alessandra Mussolini, when she was a model

The Italian patriot Alessandra Mussolini (an ex-model, ex-actress, politician from the Social Action party) was having a debate on Italian television with Vladimir Luxuria (a “transgender” homosexual politician from the Communist Refoundation Party), when things got heated.

Alessandra, as the granddaughter of Benito Mussolini, is an ongoing target for Leftists; however, the constant attacks have toughened her up, and so she doesn’t back down from the attacks of her opponents.

So, when the drag queen politician Vladimir Luxuria called her a “fascist”, Alessandra Mussolini defiantly retorted “Meglio fascista che frocio” — which has been translated as “It is better to be a fascist than a faggot”.

Vladimir Luxuria, the transgender communist politician

Vladimir Luxuria, the transgender communist politician

As an aside, Vladimir’s birth name was Vladimiro Guadagno, but he took on a new surname, “Luxuria”, as part of his new persona (“luxuria” means “extravagance” in Latin, although it can also mean “lust”; it is unknown which definition Vladimir prefers).

The altercation between Alessandra and Vladimir happened back in 2006, so it may be old news for some. However, for people who have never heard about it, it is a tale worth retelling.

Politically, Alessandra is a mixed bag of views; she is regarded widely as a patriot, and is often painted by the Left as a “fascist”; however, she has a range of political positions which would be unlikely to fall under the definition of fascism — she has declared herself in favour of abortion access, supports homosexual rights, is a defender of Israel, and is an outspoken feminist — indeed, conservative commentators have described her as a “socialist” and a “left-winger”. After she joined the People of Freedom party in 2009, she was regarded as the leader of the pro-immigrant faction of the party.

The Tweet from James Zebedee

The Tweet from James Zebedee

The “faggot” incident was recently revisited on Gab, where Marcus Agrippa posted a comment on the situation, along with a screenshot of a Twitter post which contained a photo of Alessandra Mussolini giving the middle finger on TV.

An internet search for the original Twitter post found that it had disappeared down into the Orwellian memory hole that Twitter is so fond of. The Twitter account of the original poster, James Zebedee, has been shut down. There’s no surprise there, as heavy-handed censorship is rife on Twitter, especially of patriotic and anti-Leftist accounts (which is another reason why people are moving over to

Luckily, a copy of Zebedee’s post was archived on, so it was able to be resurrected.

This screencapture of James Zebedee's Tweet, as it is now, is a reflection of Twitter's censorship policies

This screencapture of James Zebedee’s Tweet, as it is now, is a reflection of Twitter’s censorship policies

However, it appears that the original Twitter post conflated two incidents regarding Alessandra:

1) The incident when she made the “faggot” quote occurred in 2006, when she was debating the communist-transgender politician Vladimir Luxuria.

2) There was an incident in 2017, when she was debating blogger Daniele Martinelli (not to be confused with the footballer of the same name) on live TV, when she gave him the middle finger (the internationally-known sign for “f*ck you”), in response to which he gave her an Italian hand signal of similar meaning.

Still, they’re both good/funny stories though. Despite the confusion over the two incidents, they’re both somewhat amusing anecdotes about the feisty Alessandra Mussolini.

Transgender activists often get a free run in the mainstream media, as they’re widely regarded as a “protected species”, with whom kid gloves have to be used, so politicians fighting back against them is a good thing. And it’s always good to see people standing up to Leftist bullying, which is a major component of modern politics; indeed, the Left has taken on so many aspects of what they accuse the “fascists” of, that in many ways the two are indistinguishable.

For those of us who live in countries where the globohomo ideology is an integral part of the establishment, Alessandra’s attitude was like a cool wind on a hot day — a reassuring reminder that not everyone is willing to bow down before Leftist bullies and kowtow to transgender activists.

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