Little Sammy Fender

[A piece of poetry about a British musician, by the name of Sam Fender, who came out with a song called “White Privilege”, the lyrics of which included the words “I’m a white male, full of shame, my ancestry is evil, and their evil is still not gone”, essentially slandering the ancestors of the good […]

Sam Fender, “the most hated man in England”

So, there’s this guy called Sam Fender; he’s a B-grade musician (well, that’s a charitable description — in reality, he’s actually C or D grade). Anyway, he’s decided that our white ancestors were evil, because — you know — they’re white. This Fender character has written a song, “White Privilege”, which includes the following lyrics: […]

The Dark Dawning of a Leftist Lie

[Dawn Butler, the British Labour Party’s Shadow Women & Equalities Secretary, gave a speech to the 2019 Labour Conference, in which she said “Black history is British history”, implying that blacks are part and parcel of the British nation (just to be a bit uncouth, she threw in some swearing as well). Her claim fits […]

Dawn Butler is so far left, she’s not right

There’s a video on YouTube of Dawn Butler’s speech to the 2019 Labour Conference (Butler is the Shadow Women & Equalities Secretary for the Labour Party). In this video Butler says: “Black history is British history” [5.29 min.] She is very much wrong. British history is British. Blacks are not British. They can live in […]

Boris Johnson, good for Brexit, bad for Britain

Boris Johnson, newly-appointed Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, appears to be doing the hard yards to make sure that Brexit occurs — and rightly so, as the people of Britain democratically voted to remove themselves from the European Union. The advent of Brexit is correctly seen as taking a step away from the internationalisation […]

William Morris: Anglo-Socialist and Ethnocentrist

William Morris (1834-1896) was a British poet, painter, novelist, translator of Icelandic sagas, textile designer, a major figure in the revival of traditional British crafts — and, within the British Empire, the best-known Socialist/Communist of his era. Today it may seem odd that a man who personally excelled in so many arts and crafts, a […]

The deadly twins [by Nick Griffin]

[An alternative look at Capitalism and Communism, the “deadly twins” of economics; along with a consideration of Distributism.] By Nick Griffin, August 2004 Editors’ introduction: This essay on Distributism and the BNP’s critique of globalist capitalism is not published in response to any particular news item. In fact, it was first written by BNP Chairman […]

The great Indian take away for Redcar Steel workers [by John Bean]

[The British people are losing jobs to Third World countries.] By John Bean, 20 February 2010 The closure of the steel plant at Redcar, near Middlesborough, has resulted in another 1,700 British workers — most of them skilled — joining at least two million industrial workers whose jobs have been lost by Tory and Labour […]

British jobs for British workers [by John Bean]

[The Liberal, Labor, and Conservative parties in the UK have betrayed the British working class.] By John Bean, 24 March 2009 The BNP belief that the so-called differences offered by the established party triumvirate is a myth has again been justified in their attitude to the recent British workers’ wildcat strikes in an attempt to […]

Immigration is changing our national makeup [by John Bean]

[Immigration is changing the face of Britain.] By John Bean, 23 February 2009 We could fill two pages of “Identity” magazine (the February issue is now published) every month with the latest immigration statistics and how it is putting ever increasing pressure on housing for our own people, health services, education, policing and travel and […]