Universities, Cultural Marxism, and Leftist brainwashing

It is a modern axiom that the universities of the West are overwhelmingly Leftist and anti-Western. For decades, universities in Western countries have been pushing an anti-Western agenda and an anti-white narrative. The Frankfurt School and Cultural Marxism The USA has been at the forefront of the growth of Cultural Marxism. However, whilst American universities […]

Workers die, whilst gender-balance advocates fiddle

Four workers have died, and one was severely injured, in mining accidents in Queensland, whilst safety oversight was held back because not enough appropriately-qualified women could be found to sit on an oversight committee. Sky News reported that “a safety board was disbanded for six months because it didn’t meet gender quotas”. A journalist on […]

Being offended on social media

Part and parcel with the whole Leftist “hate speech” narrative is the notion that anyone who is offended by an idea, or by an opinion, should be listened to, to the extent that the person who voiced the “offensive” idea must be silenced or somehow dealt with. This neo-fascist notion of silencing anyone who you […]

The case of Malka Leifer and sexual abuse inside the ultra-othrodox Adass sub-culture is a sad indictment of Multiculturalism

The insular nature of Adass, an ultra-othrodox Jewish sub-culture, has meant that a plethora of young girls were left vulnerable to sexual abuse. Cultural differences are celebrated by the ideology of Multiculturalism, but what happens when certain cultural practices harm people, or leave them wide-open to harm? The then principal of the Adass Israel School, […]

Multiculturalism versus freedom of speech

The political ideology of Multiculturalism is intrinsically tied to the denial of freedom of speech. Whilst this statement may appear to ludicrous to anyone who has gone through twelve years of brainwashing in schools dominated by Multiculturalist teachers, it only appears that way because they haven’t been taught to analyse the ramifications of Multiculturalism. Multiculturalism […]

Wax on, wax off — the “Jessica Yaniv” story

The nutcasery of the Canadian “Human Rights” industry continues, this time with trans-person “Jessica Yaniv” (formerly known as Jonathan Yaniv) conducting lawfare against Brazilian waxers who won’t wax “her” male genatalia. And, no, this is not a joke. So, this “Jessica Yaniv” has been contacting waxers via social media, asking about their “Brazilian wax” services, […]

Illegal immigrants in churches

Thousands of illegal immigrants are now living inside US churches, having taken up “sanctuary” in those locations. The churches are hiding them from the immigration authorities, to stop the illegals from being deported. Unfortunately, the immigration authorities are too chicken to raid the churches, as they’re afraid of being made to look bad in the […]

Abortion and population decline

Many people in the wider Nationalist movement treat the issue of abortion as purely a matter of person choice and not as a wider political issue. However, the fact is that abortion has had a significant impact upon the decline of the West, as it has been a major contributing factor to the decline of […]

William Morris: Anglo-Socialist and Ethnocentrist

William Morris (1834-1896) was a British poet, painter, novelist, translator of Icelandic sagas, textile designer, a major figure in the revival of traditional British crafts — and, within the British Empire, the best-known Socialist/Communist of his era. Today it may seem odd that a man who personally excelled in so many arts and crafts, a […]

Cowardly black attacks 71-year-old Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger was the victim of a cowardly racist attack by a young black male in South Africa. The star of the Terminator movies, and ex-Governor of California, was assaulted while he was in Africa to help Africans (more fool him) with the Arnold Classic Africa sports festival in Johannesburg. Whilst Arnie was standing on […]